I recently found several new websites with great information about publicity. With all of these great resources I decided to create a page in the resources section just for publicity.

Here are my Top Three Picks…

1. Publicity Insider has a free ezine version and a print newsletter. I’ve been subscribed to the printed newsletter for about a year and keep all of the issues in a three ring binder. I don’t always get a chance to read every page, but know that when an event comes up that I need to get publicity for I can thumb through the back issues.

2. Publicity Hound is a free online newsletter (ezine) and always has great tips and success stories. You’ll find a big variety of tips there, many online strategies and regular publicity tips too.

3. Last year I ordered the Press Release Profits Course from Alice Seba and it was well worth it. I didn’t really know much about writing a press release or getting media coverage before taking this course. I’ve listended to the audios twice and learned something new each time. You can get a sneak peek at this course by signing up for Alice’s FREE Press Release Tutorial.

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Posted on 16 May 2006

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