Pizza discount card fundraisers offer high profit margins for your group and are easy to sell because they offer great savings for your supporters.

There are several companies that offer pizza discount cards. Some companies are already partnered with national pizza chains and your group just has to verify that the local outlet will participate. Other discount card companies will allow your group to partner with the pizza restaurant of your choice.

Even if your local pizza place has not participated in this type fundraiser before it’s easy to get them onboard. This program helps them bring in repeat business and get free advertising. Many people will be loyal to the pizza restaurant on the card just because they’ll get a discount.

Tips to Make the Most of a Pizza Card Fundraiser

1. Choose a pizza restaurant that is popular in your area. If the pizza place chosen has several locations, make sure all locations will participate
2. Set a goal for your overall fundraising campaign and then suggest individual goals per participant
3. Set dates for the start and end of your fundraiser. A mid campaign check-in where coordinators call participants to see how their sales are going is a good idea.
5. Celebrate! Have a party (at the pizza restaurant if possible) and acknowledge everyone who participated in the pizza card campaign.

The FastTrack pizza card program is flexible because your group can partner the pizza place of your choice.

Your group coordinator just needs to print out a form from the website and give it to the restaurant manager for their approval. Once your program is approved by the restaurant your group can order the pizza cards and start selling them as soon as they come in.

FastTrack pizza cards offer up to 90% profit.

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Posted on 05 July 2006

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