Let’s talk about how to choose the best Lollipop Fundraising Companies. It is one of the easiest fundraising products to purchase so a quick discussion should tell you all that you need to know.

Fundraising lollipops are more or less a commodity in the fundraising industry. There are only a few manufacturers that produce lollipops for fundraising. However most manufacturers do not sell directly. Instead they sell through Lollipop Fundraising Companies or distributors of their products. So you are really choosing a distributor first and then the specific lollipop you would like to purchase.

When you buy fundraising lollipops you will be asked to purchase them by the case. Most lollipops come in cases containing 640 lollipops. That might sound like a lot but remember the lollipops sell for only $.50 and you pay half of that amount so a typical case will cost you $160.

One of the first things you should consider regardless of the shape or type of lollipop you purchase is whether the distributor includes free shipping in their price. A case of lollipops weighs around 40 pounds so you can imagine how expensive shipping would be if its not included.

The next decision is the type and shape lollipops you want to sell.

There are lots of great shapes to choose from and we suggest you change shapes periodically to keep your sales fresh. But the fact of the matter is that the most popular fundraising lollipops are the 1 oz round confection lollipops that come in variety of flavors.

Here are the 3 Lollipop Fundraising Companies we suggest and links to their lollipop fundraising pages:

Easy Fundraising Ideas lollipops

Fast Track Fundraising lollipops

Buy for Charity Fundraising lollipops


Posted on 06 February 2012

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