One of the aspects of publishing this site that has continually amazed me is the number of readers from countries outside the USA. I’ve spoken with many activists, fundraisers and volunteers dedicated to a variety of causes from all over the world. Many of the same fundraising strategies that I write about apply to groups regardless of type or border.

There are some times when I’m a bit hesitant to offer specific advice without knowing more about a NGO/NPO’s situation. For example, groups working in developing countries or those with struggling economies will also struggle with most forms of event or product fundraising. But the foundational priciple of fundraising as relationship building is universal.

For those raising funds causes around the world, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also like to add to the list of links for specific countries. If you know of any good websites for non USA fundraising help, just let me know.

Canadian Fundraisers
International Fundraising (Outside the USA)

Posted on 24 April 2006

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