According to a study done by the Giving USA Foundation, individuals were the most generous contributors to charity. Individuals contributed more than 75 percent to the $295 billion in donations received by charities in 2006. Both corporate donations and bequests were down, by 2.1 percent and 7.6 percent.

“Even though the 2006 sum, adjusted for inflation, amounts to only a 1 percent increase over the prior year, it’s still notable. It surpasses the record $283 billion raised in 2005, which saw a series of natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina. Now, skeptics of individual freedom in charitable giving — who also champion taxpayer conscription for charity’s sake — will attribute the increase to a solid market. No kidding. By the same token, because Americans made more in a good market year, they didn’t horde it all.”

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial

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Posted on 03 August 2007

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10 Comments For This Post

  1. Mother Grace says:

    We are a church and have very a bigger task and problems having in accomodating our orphans and less privellege.Will like you to help us get donors to support our course.Thanks.

  2. Kabweru Noah says:

    I am from Uganda. I am 26 years old. This may not be the best procedure to put forward my issue but kindly allow me to reach you through this provision.
    I am now heading a group of both strong and bright orphans (male and female youths)
    As a leader, I think the only way to go forward is through starting projects from which we shall be able to earn better living in future.
    We totally lack funding.
    Anybody can help us to start. Kindly contact me on
    I will show you details and you will only analyze every thing.

    In total we are 57 youths. The the projects we are mainly considering are Agro based and very profitable. You may also call +256 7790 50015 (next week)
    I remain yours
    Kabweru Noah

  3. Mr Everestus Obioha says:

    Dear Sir,

    It is Unfortunate that we are not Qualified to Receive this Good Will Offer from You Any More,But Another Charity is Taking it .
    We would want to inform you that we are Organizing a Funfair for this Children Dated 28th-29th Dec 2009.
    We hereby Appeal to your Kind Little Financial Support to Enable us Secure ,more Books,Used Cloths and Toys ,Foods and Drinks to be Given Out Free to this Children.
    Last year ,We had 100 Children Present ,This Year we are Expecting 500 Needy Children for this Years Funfair.
    Your Support would make a Lot of Difference in the Lives of Children,Because of time,So many People have been Sending Used Items to be shared among this Children.

    We look forward in hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Mr Obioha,
    Innercity Educational Center,

  4. Musa says:

    We are a non profit organization looking for donors, how can your study help us get the help we need?

  5. sruthi sesham says:

    am sruthi completed my graduation…. i wanna help the poor and needy people with ur great help in india… pls help me and my trust

  6. Rana Munawar Almas says:


    We are helping the needy persons, if any one want to help some one can join us in this efforts.

    Make donation to us Ismayl Welfare Society

  7. says:

    we have a financial crisis and urgently need donars at our orphanage, please can you help us and send us some adresses.

  8. monica shehnaz ngene says:

    We are running a church ministry, which includes nonchristians too. We have passion for poor needy people but we dont have money. We have skills but finance is our problem. We have abilities but no resources to keep on helping the people. My church is self supported. We started the evenglism on tv chanel but it has stoped due to the lack of money. We were organizing crusades, seminars, programs for children, women but now money has became our problem. and because of that much of our work has stoped.
    We were helping the young girls who were not able to pay for dowery.
    All these things were hapening when my father Pastor Emanuel Chaudhery was doing job. But now he is ful time pastor. My people are too poor they cant afford the church properly. While we use to go for evenglism also n the other areas of Pakistan.
    If you are intrested to know much about our activities I can brief you more but after recieving any email from you that you are intresting to help my church.
    Last thing i shall want your attention. Due to this poverty our christian ladies to get money are using to have wrong relationships with nonchristians. Which is spoiling their children or junior brothers and sisters not to be good sivilised persons.
    So I need your help to stop such a thing from our Christian society.
    I hope soon i shall have a reply from you.
    Remained Bles
    Mrs Monica Shehnaz Ngene
    Senior Organizer Of Yassu Mera Accha Chuwaha Church (Jesus my good sheperd Church)

  9. ram says:

    hi all,
    am from india ,our college and school friends are strating now a organisation to help our rural villages side childs,womens,HIV,cancer affecting persons.we are havin g 100 active members in our team.
    now we are run our organisation correctly ,because we need some money .
    also we are having 3years experience in the serve field.also we all are college and school students.
    so we need some ideas,helps and your sweet thoughts.
    so is there any bodys having interest to help us means please contact me,
    my mobile number:+91-9976812280

  10. Wilhelmina says:

    please i am a founder og an ngo .

    taking care of children and woman , health issues , education

    please we kindly in needd of donors or individuals churches to come into our aid ,

    yours sincerely


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