Every fundraising event needs signs of some kind, whether it’s advertising or signs used at the event itself.

Signs placed in strategic locations for several weeks or months ahead of time can attract attention and attendance for your event. Using just one sign though is not usually enough.

You can maximize the publicity for the event by using a combination of several different types of signs. Here are several of the most popular types of signs for event publicity.

Keep in mind that for many of these signs and their suggested uses proper permits or permissions would need to obtained from city government and/or property owners.

Large Rectangular Signs

Garage Sale SignRectangular banners are some of the most popular types of signs.

Most of these banners are custom produced at a print shop and are usually vinyl.

The vinyl banners are very sturdy and can be hung outside for an indefinite time period. Depending what is printed, they may be reused for future events.

Banners can be used in a variety of ways and locations to bring awareness and traffic to an event. They can be placed at busy intersections and displayed using stakes (with city and property owner’s permissions of course). They can be placed at the location of the event for several weeks prior to the event.

Banners Over Streets

Street Banner I have often seen banners hung over street tourougfares promoting city wide events like outdoor arts festivals, music fests or Shakespeare in the Park. The example here is provided by Custom Vinyl Graphics.

These types of signs take advantage of the constant stream of traffic. While motorists may have become blind to all but the most unusual billboards, a banner over a street is unusual and attracts more attention.

Light Post Signs

Many communities place banners on light posts, often around holidays. These types of signs are especially good for community wide events, festivals, holidays or school related events.

The city of Denton, Texas places banners promoting the Denton Arts & Jazz Fest on light posts near the city center. Each year the banners display the logo design that has been in use for many years by the festival. When passers by see the signs they are instantly reminded that the time for the festival is near.

Small Yard Signs

Golf Tournament SignYard signs can be used in many ways to promote your event or provide information at the event itself. The sign to the left is an example from the Sign Factory of creative signs especially for golf events.

Pre-made stock signs like arrows to direct parking or custom signs will make outdoor events much more friendly for your visitors.

Yard signs can be placed in street medians or other property for a week or so before the event for more publicity. Combined with over the street signs and banners, yard signs will help get the message out to more people.

Creative Signage

There are many other unusual ways to use signs to bring publicity to an event. Vertical banners hung on the side of buildings, signs with props or inflatable signs are just a few examples of creative uses for signs.

With proper pre-planning your group can make use of signs as advertising and publicity tools for your fundraising event.

Posted on 02 June 2006

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