There has been so much discussion on whether incentives or prices help school fundraising results or not. And a recent article in the Orange County Register about 7 top students fundraisers receiving terrific prizes created the opportunity to continue that discussion here.

The main question is whether prizes produce better results or are simply given to students who would have produced any way. If the latter is true then the prizes are simply an unnecessary dilution of profits. We’ve always taken the position that there is little benefit in rewarding your top sellers. If you want to offer incentives then offer some sort of prize for participation because undeniably higher participation will produce higher sales.

But most students realize they won’t be in the top handful of sellers. They simply aren’t wired that way. We would argue that your top sellers will be your top sellers regardless.

We think it’s great that Meadow Park Elementary rewarded these students. Hard work should be rewarded. That’s a great life lesson for all students. If they work hard AND produce results they will out earn the other students.

Is Meadow Park’s case they offered prizes to students who raise a minimum of $500 from this year’s Jog-A-Thon. Six students earned a truip to the Orange County Great Park Balloon. A seventh student opted for a “Principal for a Day” privilege.

So please share your opinion. Do you think elementary school fundraisers benefit from prize programs? How about high school fundraisers?

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Posted on 14 June 2012

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