The Nashua Country Fair in Nashua, New Hampshire benefits the local Catholic schools. Each year many people attend the fun event which features food booths, face painting and fun carnival games.

The fair began 16 years ago with an event that’s variously known as cow maneuvers or cow bingo. This success story interested me since I wrote about this fundraising idea earlier this year. This story would be helpful for anyone interested in planning this fundraiser.

In essence, participants buy a $10 “deed” for a plot of land in an empty field that’s marked off in white paint on green grass. Two cows are then “released” and wander the way cows are wont to do. Whoever owns the deed to the section where the cow deposits her “muffins” wins a cash prize. In this case, $500 for the first deposit, $500 for the second “legal plop” (as determined by a dedicated team of judges) and the grand prize – $5,000, for the third and final adjudicated evacuation.

Source: Nashua Telegraph
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Posted on 03 October 2005

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