Does your nonprofit have a blog?  I recently began a six part series on this topic over at

This series is for anyone interested in promoting an idea or non-commercial message via blogs. Nonprofits, volunteers, activists and collectively those who I call “cause enthusiasts” can all find many benefits in blogging.

The truth is, there’s nothing complicated about what a blog is, or what it can do. Here are just a few examples of stories that can be posted to a blog that will help boost your fundraising efforts:

  • Announcements about upcoming fundraising events
  • Photos of items in your upcoming auction (gets people excited about attending and bidding!)
  • Profiles of volunteers who made your special event successful
  • Stories about service recipients who will be helped because of funds raised
  • Acknowledgment and appreciation of corporate sponsors and major donors
  • Progress on projects that fundraising efforts made possible

To find out more about blogging in simple terms see part 1 – What is a Blog?

Then discover the five different types of cause related blogs, examples of each and lessons you can learn from them in Part 2 – Who are cause bloggers?

The remaining four segments will be published in the near future.

Posted on 12 November 2009

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