Blog Action Day has already started on some parts of the globe.  Whether you work for a charity, or are just a concerned citizen you can participate in this web based event.

What is Blog Action day?  It’s a way that people all across the world can speak out about the issue of poverty:

Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!

How do you participate?  Simply register at the website and then write about this issue on your blog.  Include the code that is provided after you register so that your post will be included when they list new entries on the site.

I am working on my own post and will have that up sometime on Wednesday (Central US Time, that is.)  In the meantime, here are three suggestions for making the most of this opportunity.

  1. Create a unique angle to the story.  Personal experience, local focus or a historical perspective are just a few ideas.
  2. Make the title of your post unique.  So far most of the posts listed under the “latest updates” are simply titled “Blog Action Day.”  But if you click on the featured tab you’ll notice right away that the posts that get singled out by the editors all have great titles.
  3. Interact with other Blog Action Day Participants. Read a few of the other entries before posting your own.  If possible link to another entry if it is relevant to what you are saying.  Leave good comments on other participants websites.

So what are you waiting for? Get going for Blog Action Day.

Posted on 14 October 2008

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