Here are some basic fundraising tips:

1. Start with a List: Put togther a list of friends, family, neighbors and anyone else you might contact to raise money from. The more people the better. But don’t add people for the sake of adding them. The names on this list should be people you will actually contact.

2. Set a Goal: You would think this would be obvious but you’d be surprised at how few people set goals. Without a clear cut goal how will you know if you’ve been successful? Set a goal slightly higher than you think you can comfortably attain. Push yourself but don’t make it so high you get frustrated.

3. Clearly define what you’re raising money for: If you are raising money for something you believe in or need you will be more successful in your fundraising effort. Don’t waste your time trying to raise money for something you don’t care about. Use your network of contacts and your best efforts only when you believe in what you are doing.

4. Consider using online resources: These days we have large circles of online friends and you should make sure you are up to date with the best ways to reach those people. After all the first tip was to write down a list of people who might be willing to help. By using your online communities you expand those circles.

5.Make it personal. Make sure the people you contact know the fundraiser means a lot to you. Make your plea personal and from your heart and people will respond more generously. Everytime!

6. Form teams: Whether for accountability or for more coverage often times teams help people stay on track. You might not get something done for yourself but often you would not want to let a team mate down. Teams should brainstorm and combine talents to get the best results.

7. Send thank you notes. When you are done with your fundraising idea you should always send thank you notes. It might not affect the results of this fundraising campaign but it will help next time when you approach your contact list again. If people know you appreciate their help they will be more likely to help again in the future.


Posted on 05 March 2012

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