I am very happy to introduce Betsy Baker, MPA, to the readers of Step By Step Fundraising!  Besty is the President of  YourGrantAuthority.com. She has earned more than ten million dollars in grant funding and continues to be a grant writing consultant for nonprofits.

She is best known for her plain-language instructional guidance and offers both ebook instruction and one-on-one coaching in writing grants and starting a grant writing consulting career.

Betsy also runs a coaching program that teaches people on how to develop an exciting  Grant Consulting career.  This looks like a fantastic opportunity.  Her current class is sold out, but click here to learn more about this class.

5 Steps to Begin Your Grant Consulting Career

You need to make money. You don’t want the inflexibility of a full-time, going-into-an-office job. You’d still like to contribute to the good of society. I know these things – because I have this need, want and like as well. How about that? You and I aren’t so different.

But here’s one possible difference – are you doing anything about it? You get just how cool it would be to be your own boss and make your own money, but have you really thought about the full spectrum of benefits? Like supplementing your retirement, the freedom for vacations on your time, the ability to schedule work around your family’s needs? I could come up with a dozen great perks right off the top of my head but I don’t know your unique, personal situation – and that’s what’s important right now.

If you’re serious about starting your own business using the skill of grant writing but have no idea how to get started, I have a some helpful guidance for you. I want you to dedicate yourself and concentrate on learning just five simple steps that will guarantee success:

  1. Overcome your irrational fear that it’s too late to learn a new skill
  2. Make money from other related services while gaining writing experience
  3. Get consulting clients even with your limited experience
  4. Establish your reputation as a professional
  5. Win clients that earn you consistent income as you work less

“Betsy,” you say, “that all sounds great but I still don’t have any idea of how to do anything you just suggested.” Not to worry, my friends, I’m not leaving you high and dry.  I talk in-depth about each of these steps to success in my new f.r.e.e. information-rich guide “How To Be a Grant Writing Consultant.” (Riveting title, I know.)

I started this business to simplify and teach the grant writing process for folks that couldn’t afford the big-wig training offered for big-wig bucks. I also have a heart for those that want to use this skill to create their own wealth as a grant writing consultant. Whether that’s working on a part-time basis for a few vacations or greatly supplementing the family’s income. This free guide will help you get started as you determine your course of action in creating your own unique business plan to earn the income you need while enjoying the freedom you deserve.

I’ve been working on this guide for a while and am so excited to finally have it ready for you. I couldn’t wait to post! Check it out today and tell me all about about your exciting plans – I’d love to hear from you!

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Posted on 30 March 2011

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