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September 2009: Thanks to our Sponsors

Posted on 30 September 2009

Sending out a special thank you to our September premium sponsors: eTapestry works with nonprofits to streamline their donor management system.  They also offer an online giving,  specialized email tools and event registration that are all tied together in a web-based environment. View this recent post for a case study: eTapestry Helps Food Bank Recover […]

Attention Getting Openings for Fundraising Letters

Posted on 29 September 2009

Fundraising letters communicate a specific message to potential donors and call them to action. Creating an attention getting opening paragraph is important in making a good first impression and in getting the rest of the letter read. Here are 5 Attention Getting Strategies for Fundraising Letters […]

The Perfect Fundraiser For Libraries: Used Book Sales

Posted on 25 September 2009

If you are someone that loves books, chances are you have been to a used book sale. They are popular with the community, with some of the larger ones drawing people from fifty miles away – or from other states! A used book sale can be a terrific fundraiser for a library, and an excellent […]

eTapestry Helps Food Bank Recover From Disaster

Posted on 16 September 2009

There’s a variety of software programs that many nonprofits, just like commercial businesses, need in order to be successful.  For charitable groups managing donor information, communicating with supporters online and accepting internet based donations are of particular concern. eTapestry offers a whole suite of tools to simplify this process for you. There’s a web-based donor […]

Personalize Fundraising Letters: 3 Ways for Even Small Nonprofits to Go Pro

Posted on 10 September 2009

Following up on Lori Rice’s article, Customize Communications to Increase Donor Loyalty, I’d like to explore three practical ways that you can personalize your fundraising letters. In other words, the logistics of how to get away from “Dear Friend” and other impersonal elements that take away from the power of direct mail. Steve Maggio of […]

Roundup: New Insights on Volunteering

Posted on 04 September 2009

The largest fire in LA County so far has burned 220 square miles and devastated hundreds of families. There’s a centralized volunteer response team organized by L.A. Works, in partnership with the Volunteer Center of Los Angeles. Find out more at the L.A. Works website. Whether you are currently job hunting or not, volunteering can […]

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Items – Think Pink!

Posted on 03 September 2009

Awareness bracelets are still going strong as a fundraising and advocacy item.  You can find bracelets in every color of the rainbow to represent various causes. In particular, pink is instantly recognizable as the color for breast cancer.  Many nonprofits that advocate for those effected by breast cancer have a lot of publicity and events […]