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Marc Pitman on Radio Show with Live Q&A – July 30th

Posted on 31 July 2008

Marketing News radio is hosting a free teleseminar with Marc Pitman, Author of Ask Without Fear: A Simple Guide to Connecting Donors With What Matters to Them Most. Marc is also the host of his own show, The Ask Without Fear! Radio Show, which is geared for the seasoned fundraising professional, and a featured author […]

5 Money-Making Games to Play at your Next Golf Outing

Posted on 23 July 2008

One of the reasons why a golf outing is such a terrific fundraising strategy is because it is so flexible in its structure. There can be so much more going on at a golf outing than just knocking a little white ball around 18 holes. In fact, if the actual golfing is ALL you focus […]

Role of Corporate Sponsors at Special Events

Posted on 16 July 2008

There are many fundraising events where business and/or individual sponsors play an important role.  Here is a great question that we recently received on this topic: What is the role of sponsors? Is the money raised through sponsors only used to help reach the goal or can some funds be used to help with running […]

Roundup: Fundraising in Challenging Economic Times

Posted on 11 July 2008

In the past I didn’t pay too much attention to the price at the pump, when it was less than 3 dollars a gallon.  Now it is pretty hard to ignore!  I’m just thankful that I don’t have to commute to work an hour or more a day like when I was in the Dallas […]

5 Reasons Why a Golf Outing Can Benefit your Non-Profit

Posted on 09 July 2008

If your non-profit organization does not have an annual golf outing as a major component of your overall fundraising strategy, I would strongly recommend re-considering your plan. While some may protest and claim that golf outings are a “dime a dozen”, I would argue that there are dozens of very good reasons why so many […]

New Website Design – What do you think?

Posted on 07 July 2008

Last week, while many people were taking vacation days for the July 4 weekend, we here at Step by Step Fundraising were busy finishing up the new design for this site.  (Don’t worry we also took some needed R&R too. 😉 ) If you have visited this site before you may notice that the logo […]

Three Important Steps to Planning a Charity Golf Outing

Posted on 02 July 2008

One of the most common non-profit fundraisers is the golf outing. The main reason why this method has become so popular is that it combines the benefits of having fun, getting exercise, and raising lots of money for the organization. There are many “moving parts” that you have to consider when you plan your own […]