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Roundup: Online Donations; Online Fundraising Strategies

Posted on 30 May 2008

This week the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants offers a variety of insights, tips and tricks for online fundraising. Though I didn’t participate with an original article this time I can at least offer up some additional resources. Here are several that I’ve found recently plus some that I’ve been saving in my bookmarks for awhile: […]

Volunteer Appreciation, Part II

Posted on 29 May 2008

To Read the first installment of Volunteer Appreciation, please click here. Yesterday, I introduced 10 ways that you could express appreciation to the volunteers in your organization. Here are ten more. 11. Make Them Feel Like a Part of the Team I have worked in non-profit situations in which volunteers were considered to be a […]

Volunteer Appreciation, Part I

Posted on 28 May 2008

As a leader of a non-profit organization, you will have many opportunities to utilize volunteer help. Not only do volunteers help an organization save money on paid staff, but they also become a vital part of the overall personality of the group. In order to retain your current volunteers and to recruit new ones to […]

World Vision – Storytelling in Multimedia

Posted on 27 May 2008

In last week’s Resource Roundup: What’s Your Story? I featured World Vision as an example of a non profit that is always telling its story well. An email newsletter that I got from World Vision after publishing Friday’s post confirmed this once again. While they had already published a video and other news alerts about […]

Roundup: What’s Your Story?

Posted on 23 May 2008

Relating your nonprofit’s mission with story telling can be one of the most powerful things that you ever do (and continue to do) to impact funding for your cause. There are many ways to tell a story… in person, in writing such as in your newsletter and direct mail letters, and with multimedia like online […]

Showing Appreciation to Board Members

Posted on 19 May 2008

Today’s Appreciation Challenge is all about board members. I’ve been active on two different boards for several years now. Now in my role as president of one board, I’m especially interested in how to make the experience of serving on a board a positive one for all of the members. Blue Avacado has a great […]

5 Ways to Show You Appreciate Your Donors

Posted on 13 May 2008

As I was listening to Mike Robbins The Power of Appreciation audio CD recently, what stood out to me was the difference between true appreciation and just “saying thanks.” Appreciation is first a state of being, an “attitude of gratitude” and then secondly taking action. While thank-you gifts, plaques or public acknowledgements have their place, […]