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Online Magazine Fundraiser: Supporters Order Online, You Raise Funds

Posted on 29 April 2008

The online magazine fundraising program is a sales fundraiser that can be conducted entirely online, very quickly and easily.  An online magazine fundraiser raises funds when your supporters to purchase a magazine online. Your group gets a free custom website and promotion tools to help encourage people to support the fundraiser by purchasing one or […]

Earth Day 2008 Roundup

Posted on 25 April 2008

This week I thought it would be nice to focus the resource roundup on the environment in honor of Earth Day (which was Monday) and Arbor Day which is today. Some of these are news items, others are resources and there’s a couple of actual enviro-friendly fundraising ideas. Enjoy! The Earth Day 2008 Action Center […]

Reusable Grocery Bags as a Fundraiser

Posted on 25 April 2008

When shoppers bring in their own bags to carry their items home in, it reduces the number of non-biodegradable plastic bags. Personally I have been wanting to get some reusable bags for some time now. I am tired of the plastic and paper bags cluttering up my garage and polluting our community (and our world […]

Myths About Foundation Funding

Posted on 24 April 2008

When non-profit directors or development staff comes to me looking for help in the world of foundations, the first thing I usually have to do is dispel the most common myths surrounding foundation funding. Myth #1: Foundation funding is easy. Myth #2: Foundations are anxious to give money to organizations like mine. Myth #3: Foundations […]

The Myth of the Dried Up Well

Posted on 23 April 2008

Have you ever heard this saying – “You can’t keep going back to the same well – it will run dry.” You might have heard it from a Board member or Executive Director and usually this comment pops up during a discussion of grant writing or direct mail. It’s said out of fear – fear […]

Website Tips for Non Profits

Posted on 18 April 2008

I do a lot of research for Step by Step Fundraising and it’s other sites. Recently I had a project requiring information from a variety of non profit websites. It didn’t take long to realize that some websites were more frustrating than helpful while others were easy to explore and informative. If the structure of […]

Fundraising Myth: Advertising and Marketing Are Too Expensive for Our Organization

Posted on 17 April 2008

In a time when many non-profit organizations are examining their budgets closely and looking anywhere to cut expenses, it is not uncommon that allocations for advertising and marketing are slashed. This may cause some to worry that existing customers will fall out of touch and potential new ones will never hear of you in the […]