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Online Auction Tools – A Review from Idealware

Posted on 31 July 2007

A few weeks ago I had a great discussion with Laura Quinn from Idealware, a website that reviews software applications for use by non profit organizations. In addition to interviewing me, she also spoke with several other consultants and non profit leaders about their experiences with online auction software such as cMarket and eBay. Her […]

Bookstore Holds Midnight Harry Potter Bash to Raise Funds for Literacy

Posted on 27 July 2007

Harry Potter mania has hit a new high with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7). Many bookstores planned midnight sales events to celebrate the final J.K. Rowling book in her popular Harry Potter series. A popular Canadian bookseller also turned Pottermania into a fundraising event. The Harry Potter Midnight Bash […]

cMarket: The Leading Online Auction Platform for Non Profits

Posted on 26 July 2007

Has your organization considered taking its fundraising auction online? eBay is great for small auctions and those just looking to get their feet wet in the auction world, but cMarket offers a lot of advantages for groups who are serious about raising funds with online auctions. I first learned about cMarket over a year ago […]

Coffee Themed Event Benefits HODAC Charity

Posted on 25 July 2007

Coffee aficionados were given the opportunity to learn just about everything they would want to know about their favorite beverage on Saturday, July 21st. The event at Prinnie Mack in Warner Robins, Georgia benefited HODAC, Inc.. HODAC is an organization which offers rehabilitation services to those battling addiction and other challenges. The event included the […]

Theater Holds Fund-raising Concert and Raises $1,000

Posted on 24 July 2007

The Time Cinema Theater of Oshkosh held a fund-raising concert Saturday, July 7th. They raised $1,000. This was their first fund-raising event in an effort to raise $200,000 to renovate the theater. The event included live music and a self-guided tour of the building. “We learned some things, what not to do next time,” Joe […]

Creative Spaghetti Dinner Fund-raiser Menu Ideas

Posted on 24 July 2007

A spaghetti dinner is a popular fund-raiser for many organizations. When planning your menu, you want to offer a delicious meal while keeping your costs down for your organization. You also want to offer people a generous meal that is delicious, in thanks for their donation. There are real benefits to holding a dinner for […]

What is Scrip?

Posted on 23 July 2007

Last Christmas season I noticed just how popular gift cards had become. Our grocery store even had a kiosk of cards from a variety of other stores and restaurants like Home Depot, Chili’s and many more. With the great popularity of gift card programs so opens up a great opportunity for fundraising! By using a […]