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Engaging Potential Supporters

Posted on 25 March 2005

Are you looking for a way to grab the attention of potenial supporters? Alexandria Brown demonstrates how avoiding pain is a great incentive for consumers, even when the topic is charitable donations. “Should You Market to Pleasure … Or Pain?” by Alexandria K. Brown, “The E-zine Queen” One day a few months ago, I emptied […]

Marathon Countdown

Posted on 23 March 2005

At the age of 61, Mike Monk is not only getting ready to retire, he’s also training for his first marathon. One his long held dreams has been to participate in the London Marathon, one of the world’s largest running events. Now that dream is finally coming true, as he runs in support of one […]

Training for the London Marathon

Posted on 18 March 2005

Mike Monk is currently training for the London Marathon. Find out what it’s like for this retiree to train for his first marathon…

Raising $1,000 Gifts by Mail

Posted on 14 March 2005

Forum for Fundraising offers a wide variety of seminars for fundraising professionals. These high quality seminars are taught by the most well respected and experienced professionals in the field of non profit management and fundraising. Upcoming Teleseminar: The Mercifully Brief, Real-World Guide to Raising $1,000 Gifts by MailMarch 31, 2005 at 2:00 PM Eastern Presented […]

Corporate – NPO Partnerships

Posted on 11 March 2005

Several newsletter subscribers have written to me asking about corporate sponsorship from the business’s point of view. If you own, manage or are in a position of influence at a company, consider partnering with a non profit organization. Both NPOs and businesses should always keep in mind that such partnerships should be a win-win situation […]

Caribbean Carnival Parade Raises Funds for School

Posted on 02 March 2005

The parents commission at our school started very early this year planning our fundraiser. As we live in an island in the Caribbean, we organized a Carnival event which was held on Saturday January 22, 2005. Our school is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary so it was a good opportunity to do something great with the […]