fundraisingThere are lots of ways that schools utilize to raise money. So we thought it would be helpful to create our own list of the Top 10 School Fundraisers. While there are a whole lot of fundraisers we have not included we are sure any of these options will help raise the money you need.

1. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

We struggled with our decision on what to list as the top school fundraiser but finally decided that selling cookie dough is as about as common as it gets. That’s especially true for elementary schools since their fundraising efforts revolve more around families. This is a product that all kids love and should be easy to sell. So we say that cookie dough fundraising is the top school fundraising idea.

2. Carnivals

When our kids were in elementary school the big money maker was the annual carnival. I don’t remember the specific amount we raised but I know it was more than $25,000. Of course it required a lot of volunteers who donated lots of time throughout the year. But the kids looked forward to the event all throughout the year and you felt good about seeing families enjoy time together. There are so many ways to raise money during the carnival so if you have a dedicated group of supporters and volunteers you might consider a carnival.

3. Candle Sales

If you are willing to sell a product then there are very few products with markets as large as candles. Just think about how popular brands like Yankee and Scentsy are. So why not offer competitive products to raise money? After all you have a fairly captive audience to sell to. Just remind your customers that candles are great for both home and office and they make wonderful gifts. And the great news is that there are lots of different candle fundraisers to choose from. Learn more…

4. Rummage Sale

Rummage or garage sales are great for schools. Get students and their families to donate new or gently used items like clothing, toys or household items. Then after a lot of advertising hold you rummage sale in the school parking lot as close to the street as possible. The great thing about schools is that they are usually on fairly high traveled streets so getting traffic to your sale should be no problem. You could easily raise thousands of dollars in a single day.

5. Flower Bulb Sale

We’ve seen more and more schools choose to sell flower bulbs. The best time of year is late in winter or very early in the spring when people are thinking about their yards and flower beds and before Mother’s Day since flower bulbs make perfect gifts for mom’s. These fundraisers cost nothing to start and you make some pretty high profit margins. Click here for some more info…

6. Candy Sale

For years and years schools depended on candy sales to raise money. A couple of things happened, though, that made candy a little less popular. The candy bars got a little smaller and school districts started restricting the sale of candy and food items on campus. But candy sales are still are a great way to raise money. Now there are new candy items that actually offer more variety than ever before and the value is better ever. Learn more…

7. Car Washes

Have you considered a car wash? Make sure you plan in advance and advertise everywhere possible. Hold the car wash either at the school or find a local business with lots of traffic that has an outdoor hose hook up. Get the students to make as many bright and colorful signs as possible to get attention on the day of the wash. You can either charge a fee like $5 or $10 or you can advertise as a free car wash and request donations. If you do a good job people will be happy to give large donations.

8. Spaghetti Dinner

is a very inexpensive food to cook yet just about everyove loves it. There are two easy ways to hold a spaghetti dinner. Either get a local restaurant to provide the food as a reasonable price and simply offer that to your supporters or get a bunch of parent volunteers to cook spaghetti either at home or in the school’s cafeteria. You might combine the dinner with an event like a talent show so that you give people as many reasons as possible to attend the dinner.

9. Raffles

Have you considered a raffle? Raffles raise funds through the sales of tickets, or chances, to win a particular prize. They can be a great fundraiser because of the low cost and high profit potential. Legal restrictions about raffles vary by location so research applicable state and local laws thoroughly.

Find out more: How to Organize a Raffle Fundraiser and other articles about raffles. Get a local business to donate a grand prize and, if you can, get a local restaurant to offer a buy one get one free coupon you print on every ticket.

10. Scrip

Scrip fundraisers are another great way for schools to raise money. You basically sell gift cards to retailers and restaurants to supporters. You purchase the gift cards at a discount so you make your money from the difference in the selling price and your cost for the cards. The profit margins are not extremely high but you want to make sure people understand you simply want people to purchase cards to stores they already shop at. That way supporters really spend no more than they would have. It’s just that your school makes a little money when they purchase the scrip cards through you.