Ideas for High School Fundraisers

The good news is that high school fundraising is a whole lot easier and more productive than middle school fundraisers. By the time students reach high school they are more focused and are likely to be raising money for a club, group or team that they are very involved with. It’s that attitude that drives results.

So how do you choose the best high school fundraiser?

Group Size

Unlike elementary schools where a typical fundraiser is school wide, high schools are more divided into smaller groups. Sure there are large groups but it is rare for an entire high school student body to participate in one fundraiser the benefit of the school.

Instead fundraising is more localized to specific groups so one of the key considerations for choosing a product to sell is group size.

We can send you a Free High School Fundraising Catalog. It’s a great starting point for choosing the right path.

Upfront Costs

Another consideration when choosing the right high school fundraiser is whether or not you have money to spend on a product you can sell at a profit. If your group has some money it opens up lots of different options but if it doesn’t you need to focus on programs that don’t cost anything money upfront.

We’ve put together an information packet that covers the basics of both no upfront cost options and others that you need to purchase. Click Here to receive the free information.

Set Goals

It is so important to set goals at any age but these grade levels more fully understand goals and take ownership of them. The problem is that most groups don’t set group or individual goals before getting started. Think about that. If don’t set goals how does anyone know whether or not they’ve done a good job?

So how do you set your goals? If you’re raising money hopefully you have a clear understanding of what you are raising money for and how much you need to raise. We’d suggest setting your goal at 20% over the amount you need to raise. Take that number and divide it by the number of participants you have to determine an amount each person needs to raise.

We suggest, though, taking it one step further. If you are selling a product calculate the average profit per item you’ll make. For example if you are holding a cookie dough fundraiser and you’re expecting to make $5 a tub each person might need to sell 10 tubs each of you need to raise $50 per person. Make sense?

Most people want to live up to expectations. The problem is we don’t set clear goals and expectations for them quite often. Don’t make that mistake.

Choosing the Best High Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of ways to raise money. We believe strongly in product fundraisers. In fact we offer a Free High School Fundraising Catalog. It’s an easy reference if you are in research mode and looking for the best way to raise money. We would love to send you one. It’s free and it covers the top fundraising products available.

Suggested Fundraising Product

Year after year elementary schools throughout the country report terrific results selling frozen cookie dough. We’d like to share information on what we believe is the best cookie dough fundraiser in the country.

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