Band Fundraising Ideas

No question about it. Participating in school marching bands is expensive. They are constantly in action participating in musical competitions, parades and concerts. And that’s why there is such a demand for successful band fundraising ideas.

How can we help?

We’ve helped groups of all sizes achieve their goals. So whether you’re raising $100 or $10,000 – we can offer great ideas for band fundraising.

We’ll talk about some great band fundraisers on this page but you might want to start by getting our Free Band Fundraising Catalog.

It’s a great starting point for choosing the right path. The catalog gives you the basics on the major product fundraising categories.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Typically bands have lots of players who are motivated to raise money and that makes cookie dough fundraising a great option. It’s a product supporters of the band will enjoy. The price points are reasonable so most people won’t get sticker shock. And best of all it doesn’t cost anything to start. We recommend 4 different cookie dough programs. Click here for more details.

Healthy Snack Fundraisers

Lots of bands have depended on candy fundraisers for years only to learn lately that many campuses no longer allow the sale of candy on campus. So lots of directors have switched the healthy snack fundraisers. They work a little differently than a typical candy fundraiser in that you aren’t buying the snacks in advance and then offering them for sale. You sell from free brochures and order forms we provide. We offer two different programs and both have produced sensational results. Click here for more details.

The Best Candle Fundraisers

Since bands need to raise money virtually year round candle fundraisers make a lot of sense especially in the late fall when people are thinking about buying gifts for the holiday. Studies show the majority of homes in America burn candles now and then so the market for this product is huge. If your band is going to sell a product you want to offer something with a large market to make sales as simple as possible. We offer 3 different candle fundraisers that you might consider. Click here for more details.

An Earth Friendly Fundraiser to Consider

If your band wants to move in a different direction you might consider our flower bulb fundraiser. We offer it twice a year both in the spring and the fall and bands throughout the country tell us it’s one of the best programs they’ve tried. There’s no cost to hold one. Both of the programs contain 24 different items. The free brochures include great color photos, descriptions and planting instructions. Click here for more details.

Don’t forget to order our Free Band Fundraising Catalog whether you know exactly which fundraiser you want to do or not. It’s a great resource you can keep on hand so you can plan future fundraisers as well. And it’s free.