Raising Money for Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools are more often than not the place where students and family become very familiar with fundraising. In fact there are more large scale fundraisers at these grade levels then there will be the rest of your student’s school career.

So choosing the best ways to raise money is more important here than anywhere else for a few reasons. Let’s talk about some of those reasons and get some good information in your hands.

Parental Involvement

Parents of students in elementary school are more involved at this age than they’ll ever be. So if you are in charge of fundraising you should both take advantage of that and understand it as well. You do not want to sour these young families on raising money. You want them to be excited.

Parents Make the Difference

Back in the old days teachers would send students home with fundraising packets the kids were expected to knock on doors to sell products. Prize programs and incentives were designed for the kids to motivate them to sell more.

These days less and less students do any selling. There are some but more often its the parents who do the selling. Remember that when choosing your fundraiser. Remember it when creating incentives as well. Consider gearing your incentives more towards the family and less toward just the student so that families work together to make your fundraiser a success.

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Focus on Participation

Since elementary schools have lots of students that are supposed to participate in schoolwide fundraisers your focus should be on participation and not on rewarding the top sellers. Typically your top sellers will be your top sellers with or without incentives. But consider the impact you’d have if each student in a 500-person school sells 3 tubs of cookie dough? Then add on top of that the additional sales you can expect from your top performers and you’d have a very nice fundraiser going.

Choosing the Best Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of ways to raise money. We believe strongly in product fundraisers. In fact we offer a Free Elementary School Fundraising Catalog. It’s an easy reference if you are in research mode and looking for the best way to raise money. We would love to send you one. It’s free and it covers the top fundraising products available.

Promoting Your Fundraiser

Principals and parent leaders have told us that communications with parents is the most important element in successful fundraising. Surprisingly one of the most difficult things is getting young students to even bring home their fundraising packet. Even if they bring it home how often might the info be left in backpacks?

So be sure to promote your fundraiser. If you have parent emails you should notify the parents electronically. Some schools have stickers printed and get the kids to place a sticker on their shirts telling their parents about the fundraiser. Do whatever you need to do but be sure you error on the side of over promotion. You want there to be no question that you are raising money and how you are planning on raising the money.

Suggested Fundraising Product

Year after year elementary schools throughout the country report terrific results selling frozen cookie dough. We’d like to share information on what we believe is the best cookie dough fundraiser in the country.

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