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Raise More Money with Mission-Centered Fundraising

Posted on 29 July 2010

Your organization’s mission matters.  You know that.  Your staff knows that.  Your donors know that. So… are you acting like your mission matters?  Do your fundraising activities reflect that knowledge?  Most organizations start-off with their mission front and center in their fundraising activities and appeals… but over time, too many non-profits turn to asking their […]

Custom Discount Card Fundraiser Program

Posted on 27 July 2010

Discount cards are one of the best fundraisers that can be used by a wide variety of groups. A discount card is a custom printed plastic card that volunteers sell to residents in the local community, normally for $10. The cards have coupon type offers with unlimited use for a specific time period, usually one […]

Q&A: Nonprofits charging for services?

Posted on 26 July 2010

Friday I received an interesting question by email. I thought other nonprofits may be in a similiar situation and would benefit from this Q&A and/or have some feedback to add. Hi, Sandra, Recently, there has been an explosion of discussion among nonprofits in our local area around soliciting clients for a donation who are recipients […]

10 articles on the latest trends in online fundraising

Posted on 19 July 2010

Last week’s post on Fundraising on Facebook from Ethan Austin has attracted some attention.  It was listed in the Top 10 Technology and Social Media Resources for Nonprofits from Connecting Up Australia.  Check out the other 9 resources included on that list. Here’s a roundup of other recent articles focused on the latest online fundraising […]

Fundraising on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted on 12 July 2010

This article was published a few years ago. The options for Facebook fundraising were much more limited then. Take a look at the newest options….   We used to tell our members at GiveForward that there are three Ps to successful online fundraising: personalization, promotion, and persistence.  Recently, however, we came to the conclusion that […]