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6 Steps to Online Fundraising for Medical Costs

Posted on 26 May 2010

When a friend or loved one gets sick and is facing huge medical bills, the quickest and easiest way to raise money for them is through an online fundraising website. Sites like GiveForward, Fundbunch and GoFundMe allow individuals to create customized pages where friends and family from across the world can contribute to help a […]

Video: Caught in a Cat Romance (thanks to San Francisco SPCA)

Posted on 20 May 2010

If you think all nonprofit communications have to be serious, think again. Kudos to the San Francisco SPCA for creatively jumping on a hot topic while promoting their mission. Warning: watching this video may cause abrupt laughter, inability to stop singing this song and warm fuzzies.

Improve Your Fundraising by Thinking Big

Posted on 18 May 2010

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s thinking small.  Far too many people spend their time and energy thinking small.  That’s true in the wider world, and it’s true in fundraising. There are a lot of fundraisers in the world – some professional, some volunteer.  Some work on staff, some consult, some are on […]

The Number One Way to Get Board Members to Follow Through

Posted on 13 May 2010

So many nonprofit board members are enthusiastic and well-meaning but too often they back out of their commitments.  Bet you have run into this problem! And I have been on the other side too, as a board member. In the heat of an exciting discussion, I suddenly found myself making personal commitments. Then later, in […]

Q&A: How many grants should we apply for?

Posted on 11 May 2010

Do you ask more than one donor for the same thing? We are in the beginning stages of grant proposal writing, but we got a reply back recently that said the foundation would make a decision in November. So, do we wait, or send the same proposal to others? If we get a positive response […]

Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Program Grant Opportunity

Posted on 03 May 2010

The Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Program announces a grant funding opportunity for nonprofit, community based health care organizations. The strategic intent of the program is to focus on promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle choices to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic diseases. To be eligible nonprofits must be implementing evidence-based, community education […]