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Why would someone NOT donate to your organization?

Posted on 18 October 2007

You have a great cause, so everyone should be beating down your door with donations, right? Oh, if only that were only the case! Fundraising can be a challenge for any group even those with the greatest mission and dedicated workers. You are there, working hard to support your group because you believe in the […]

Proactive Board Recruiting

Posted on 15 October 2007

Are you reactive or proactive when it comes to recruiting new Board members? Reactive recruiting can leave you with more problems than solutions. Unfortunately, reactive recruiting is the way that many Boards go about bringing new people in. They wait until it’s time to have new members in place and then hastily recruit friends and […]

“Just One Penny” Can Mean Great Fund-raising Dollars for Your Organization

Posted on 05 October 2007

What is just one penny? Most of us don’t think it is all that much. We may even groan a little when we get pennies in our change. But many fund-raising organizations are turning those little copper coins into a terrific fund-raising project. The Top Benefit of a Penny Drive: Everyone Has Pennies One of […]

Coming Soon… New Step by Step Fundraising eBooks

Posted on 04 October 2007

After months of research plans for our latest ebook guides are finalized. This fall we will be releasing a new eBook: Step by Step Fundraising Guide to Silent Auctions This ebook will be available beginning November 2, 2007. More details will follow soon!

The Canary Foundation CXO and Celebrity Go-Kart Challenge Event

Posted on 01 October 2007

The Canary Foundation has held a popular event during the San José Grand Prix for the past three years. The CXO and Celebrity Go-Kart Challenge event features celebrities and CEOs racing against each other in go-karts. Only CEOs and top level executives are invited to participate in this special event. It is quite popular and […]