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Online Auctions with Missionfish and eBay

Posted on 11 August 2006

After four years of casting their lines into uncharted waters, Missionfish founders Sean Milliken and Clam Lorenz landed a whopper in 2003. Or maybe it landed them.

Either way, the “Giving Works” partnership between Missionfish and eBay has transformed both organizations. […]

Antiques Appraisals Are a Resounding Success as Community Fund-Raising Event

Posted on 07 August 2006

With the tremendous popularity of PBS’s television show Antiques Roadshow, not-for-profit organizations are turning to the antiques appraisal as a fundraising event. The events have been successful in their communities, with many people turning out to see if they have valuable antiques or simply lovable curiosities in their homes. The antiques appraisal fundraising events are […]