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BPW Trivia Night a Success

Posted on 31 July 2006

On March 31, 2006 the Business & Professional Women club of Wichita Falls, TX gathered for a night of food, fun and friendly competition. The funds raised for this event went to support our club’s college scholarship fund. […]

World’s Finest Chocolate Inspires Nostalgia

Posted on 26 July 2006

Last week I attended the national convention for Business & Professional Women/USA. I was especially proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the conference. I talked with many attendees about how they fundraise both for BPW and for other causes that they are a part of and shared some of my favorite fundraising recommendations. […]

cMarket Delivers Online Auction Software & Services for Charities

Posted on 25 July 2006

The Maryland SPCA successfuly raised over $35,000 with its first online auction using cMarket, a company that specializes in helping non profit organizations stage online auctions. Over the past three years, cMarket has staged over 1,500 auctions — all benefiting charitable organizations. […]

An Introduction to Online Auctions for Charity

Posted on 17 July 2006

Online Auctions for Charity can be a good way to raise funds for a non profit organization. There are several ways to set up an online auction. This article is a basic introduction to online auctions for charity. […]

Take a Reporter to Lunch

Posted on 14 July 2006

When was the last time you invited a journalist to lunch or coffee? I can just see lots of you squirming in your seats as you’re reading this. Some of you are even starting to perspire. A few of you, I bet, are paralyzed at the thought of eating lunch for an entire hour with […]

Fundraising Run Smoothly

Posted on 10 July 2006

Want your next fundraiser to run more smoothly? Here are ten tips to help you create a successful marketing plan. 1. Put your project plan in writing – Run your fundraiser like a business. A written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities is your blueprint for success. 2. Create a timeline – […]

Request Donations with Display Cards

Posted on 06 July 2006

Organizations like Children’s Miracle Network and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation raise funds through the sale of display cards at grocery checkouts and other outlets. Find out more about Display Card Fundraisers and how one group used this technique to help raise $37,000 for their cause.