Raffle fundraisers can be very successful fundraisers for a variety of organizations. Your costs are next to nothing, and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets sold.The raffle fundraiser works so well because you can achieve high profit margins. If the prizes for your raffle drawing are donated, the only costs are the printing of the raffle tickets. (While you’re at it, get the ticket printing donated as well!) Raffles are less risky than big events. You don’t have to depend on getting large groups of people together at one time, like in a dinner or auction.

This is great for any size group – from just one person to hundreds. I conducted a raffle fundraiser with only 5 ticket sellers that raised over $1000 profit for our charity! If we can do it, you can too. Follow these guidelines and you will be totally amazed by the results.

Essentials for a Successful Raffle

Prizes – It would not be a raffle if you had nothing to give away! So what kind of prizes should you have? First of all, put yourself in your potential supporter’s shoes – What if someone comes up to you and says they are selling raffle tickets? What prize would you like to win?

Here are some prizes that attract many people’s attention:

Cars – Sports cars, Luxury cars, SUV’s in this years model. Another great alternative is a completely restored classic / collector’s car. You may or may not be able to get this donated. If not, consider other types of prizes, since your profit will be higher if all items are donated.

Travel – Always a winner. Roundtrip Airfare, a package deal, a cruise, hotel stays, even airline miles all make great prizes. Most people love to travel and the biggest obstacle is usually cost. Now if they win this raffle, they’ll just have to take some vacation time and go.

The larger trips such as week-long cruises or packages with airfare and hotel may draw more ticket buyers. However, travel doesn’t have to be exotic to make a great prize. Even a weekend getaway within driving distance could be a great prize. As long as it’s a place people in your area would want to go to for a vacation. A one night stay at a local hotel is not usually as appealing.

Electronic Equipment – Big screen TVs, DVDs, and stereos. These are big incentives, especially for the guys.

Gift Certificates – For stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, and local or chain restaurants. These make great secondary prizes.

These are just a few examples. As mentioned earlier, it is important to offer a prize that your potential sellers will place a high value on. A Barbecue Grill, a Handmade Quilt, a Gourmet Dinner, all of these could be great prizes for the right audience.

Okay, okay. So I know what you are thinking. How do I go about getting these prizes?

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The absolute best way is to survey the members of your organization. Every member could possibly have something of value to contribute to the prize pool. And if not, they may know somebody who can. Go for your biggest prize first, though. You need to secure that “hook” in order to have a viable raffle.

Earlier I mentioned that I had conducted a raffle that raised over $1000. In case you are wondering, our prize was a big screen TV. The company I worked for at the time had a point system incentive program. I pooled my points with some of my co-workers to get the big prize.

I also sent out an email asking my friends and the other ticket sellers for donations. I quickly got several more donations including some nice watches. Lastly, I went to several local restaurants and they were more than happy to donate gift certificates. And BINGO, we had the makings of a great raffle!

A Few Words of Caution:

Legal guidelines regarding raffles vary by state. Do a little internet research to find out about the state raffle laws and the restrictions in your county and city.

There are also some legal issues with big ticket items like cars. You may need to sell a minimum number of tickets for the car to be given away. These are legal details that would need to be explored with the dealer before committing to a deal. It is best to consult an attorney when raffling off big-ticket items like cars or boats.

Lastly, let me advise against buying the prizes for the raffle and then paying for it with the proceeds. Only raffle off donated prizes. This will naturally increase your profits! You will be putting virtually all of the ticket sales toward your particular charitable purpose. This will make a much bigger impact for your organization and what it is striving to accomplish.

Price Point

The price set for tickets can make or break a raffle fundraiser. The ticket price needs to be high enough to reflect the value of the prize, and the raise the funds needed. However, it shouldn’t be so high that no one will want to buy a ticket!

Again, you have to know your audience. What are your supporters willing to pay for a ticket? For some prizes and/or audiences you may need to charge $1 or $2 a ticket. But remember, the lower your ticket price, the more tickets you need to sell to make a good profit.

This is why having a big prize is so important. You can charge a higher ticket price for big ticket prizes. If you are raffling a large prize such as a car, you could charge $10 or even more.

For the raffle that I conducted, we charged $5 per ticket. This accurately reflected the value of the prize and was a price most people were willing to pay. In fact many people bought 2 or more tickets each. For many raffles $5 is a good median price. This is usually a good price for items such as travel, TVs, BBQ grills, etc.

Carefully weigh all these aspects when setting the price of the tickets.

Total Tickets Sold – No matter what your prize or what your cost per ticket, your organization has to sell tickets. People have to be willing, able and take action to sell tickets.


How much money do you want to raise? Is this your group’s only fundraiser for the year, or a supplement? Deciding how much to be raised from the raffle is the first step in creating goals.

Second, estimate the number of ticket sellers you can count on. How many tickets should each person sell, at minimum, to reach the fundraising goal? This ticket / amount raised goal is the Target goal.

Lastly set a stretch goal. This will provide motivation for your group to achieve more. Your super sellers will go for the stretch.

How will you motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets? Possibly a prize (like a gift certificate) for the persons that sell the most? Simple encouragement, praise and enthusiasm will go a long way in motivating your group.

Also, create time-line goals. Set a goal for one or two midpoint dates during the selling period. This will help you gauge your progress.

Boost your Ticket Sales

Are you still brainstorming? Keep on going – push your ideas further. How can you sell the most tickets possible?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Combine raffle ticket sales with other activities of the organization. Does your group sponsor a fall carnival, dinner, sports tournament or other event? Set up a booth at these events to sell tickets.
  • Sell tickets at your regular group meetings, and keep everyone up to date about the campaign’s progress.
  • Set up booths at local fairs and grocery stores.
  • Have a reasonable time line for sales, especially for big-ticket items. A minimum of one month selling period should be allowed. Plan for 2-3 months for larger ticket items.
  • Give your prizes away at a regularly planned event, or a special event. Have tickets available for last minute buys.
  • Leverage your organization’s value to the community. When selling tickets, volunteers should make it clear what the sales are for. The more familiar people are with the cause or organization, the more likely they are to buy tickets.

Step by Step Raffle Guide

Now that you have an idea of the essentials for your raffle campaign, lets break it down into steps

1. Planning Meeting with the committee – brainstorm as many ideas and possibilities, as well potential pitfalls. Assign members to researching prizes.

2. Regroup with your committee – report progress on prizes.

3. Finalize your “big prize’

4. Finalize timelines, when ticket sales will start and when they will end. Plan the date and how the giveaway will take place.

5. Gather smaller prizes such as gift certificates for secondary prizes.

6. Make raffle ticket layout.

7. Get the Raffle Tickets Printed

8. Keep records of which tickets will be given to which sellers. Having numbered tickets will help in record keeping.

9. Distribute tickets to the sellers.

10. Assign captains to follow up with a groups of sellers

11. Have a mid-campaign committee meeting. Report on how ticket sales are going, how to boost sales if needed.

12. Set a due date (before the giveaway day) for the sellers to turn in the money and tickets (both sold and unsold. Place sold tickets in a safe holding area.

13. On the appointed date and time, draw for prizes.

14. Distribute all prizes.

15. Have a celebration party. Thank all your volunteers, ticket sellers and buyers. Acknowledge your highest fund raisers and give out awards.

There you have it! With a little creativity and super selling, you can raise a lot of support for your charity!

Tip: Find out more about how to plan a raffle fundraiser in the Raffle Secrets fundraising guidebook.

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Posted on 07 October 2009

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157 Comments For This Post

  1. Sherri says:

    I am considering a raffle for my house. I would have it raffled for a charitable event. But how do I get my money for it. I need to pay off the mortgage and have some money for other debts. Would I have to sign my house over to the charity? Would they then pay me the value of my house? What do I need to know about allowing a charity to raffle off my house?

  2. Sandra Sims says:

    Sherri – you are on the right track – a raffle must benefit a registered charity. There’s a lot of information on raffling a house at this website: http://houserafflesecrets.com/

  3. Shelley says:

    Does selling one ticket give a purchaser the equal value of winning all three raffle items? Having three raffle items total, how do you administer the actual drawing? The least value drawn first, middle value next and Highest value?

  4. Sandra Sims says:

    Yes the purchaser has equal chance of winning each item. Odds depend on the total number of tickets sold. The person can increase their odds of winning bu buying more tickets.

    It’s great if you can have your drawing in a public place, with all of the tickets in a drum or other container. Draw the prizes from least value to highest.

    Have an official rules that outlines the date and time of the drawing, whether they need to be present to win, if someone can win more than one prize, and any other rules that are required by your state and local laws.

    Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Danielle says:

    I have a mommy playgroup through the website Momslikeme.com and actually work for Momslikeme.com. We will be having a big family picnic at the end of May and just want nices prizes for a drawing that all will enter into. Can I still get things donated for such an event? We will have a jar there for donations to the charity our group supports.

  6. Sandra Sims says:

    Great question. Unless all of the proceeds of a raffle benefit the charity, and it complies with state and local regulations, then it’s illegal. If the prizes are just for fun, then how about making the prizes door prizes where entry is free. Then donations to the charity are optional. You could get some small prizes donated for this purpose.

  7. Angie says:

    We are wanting to raffle off an airboat that we built. Is there a website for that so we do it legally, also we are going to donate some of the proceeds to a charity. Thanks

  8. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Angie – the total proceeds of a raffle must benefit a charity in order for it to be legal. If the charity agrees to host your raffle they will usually pay you the retail value of the item. (Of course most nonprofits would rather get prizes donated.)

  9. Keith says:

    we live in the tampa FL area and my children are wanting to raffle off a tv and try to earn some extra income. If they donate 20% to a charity- is this ok?

  10. Sandra Sims says:

    Keith, it is generally not allowed for the proceeds or a raffle to deliver profit to an individual person, family or company. The entire proceeds (after cost of prizes) must benefit a legally registered charitable organization. From the perspective of the legal system when anyone other than a charity benefits, it crosses the line into gambling. Which as you know, the laws in regard to anything remotely related to gambling vary considerably by location. There are some areas that don’t even allow raffles for charities. For more information review the laws of your particular state, city and county.

  11. Katie Davis says:

    Hello Sandra,

    A friend of mine was in a very bad car wreck and doesn’t have health insurance. He is now out of a car and has huge hospital bills to pay. I would be interested in organizing an online raffle to raise money to help with his bills. Is there a way to do this legally? And if so, can you recommend any web sites?

    Thank you!

  12. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Katie, you’d need to go through a charity in order for the raffle to be legal. Other fundraising activities, like a dinner for example, would not require that you go through a nonprofit. A group like the Transplant Fund or a community foundation may be able to help you. Here’s an article that goes into that in more detail: Raising Money for Individuals with Health Conditions. Best wishes to you and your friend.

  13. Mariann Oona Petersen says:

    hi sandra, i am really glad i came to your site here, as i founded a charity for Women empowerment and youth education in africa, starting in Gambia. They are close to getting closed, if this´ngs were not done now, as yes they have some that give something , sometimes. but we all know that small amounts are so apresciated really allot:) still every month there are costs. thats was why i desided to go Global with it. Made a facegroup invited members, and goodwill ambasadors, got it registered and now have opened a bank account. then i twittered, and saw the link to your site at another charity:) thank God for that. You have some tips that are so structured and put up, that i just have to get such done. Find some to help and get a raffle moving. Perhaps to get it done in various countrys, this will be perfect:) As a child i have been a part of such, in europe we coc´lected then in a week: 377600 us dollars. 300 children for zimbabwe then. you have any tips for me ? Kind regards Mariann Oona Petersen – President of Awa Educate Global Web

  14. Liliana says:

    Hi Sandra, Grandma here, got donated items like Dinner gift certificates, furniture, sewing machine, etc,etc for a raffle, and for a yard sale. all to raise money for my 2 year old grandson who’s mother abandon him at the age of 4 months,and abuse’s him, and I need to collect money for the attorney fee’s to go to court for full custody. Do I also need to go through a charity? please advised,

  15. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Liliana — the yard sale you can do on your own, without a charity. The raffle would need to go through a charity. Check with the laws of your state, county and city as well.

  16. kathi says:

    Our charity would like to hold a 50/50 raffle in massachusetts. The Attorney General’s office just said it was illegal because it is pooling. We sell raffle tickets for $5. If we raise $700, we give $350 in cash to the raffle winner and keep $350 for the Charity. Why is this illegal?

  17. Sandra Sims says:

    A general answer would be that a cash award falls too far into the lotto or gambling categories. The states have exclusive rights to determine what is allowed and what is not in terms of gaming, so it is important to follow the Attorney General’s advice and state regulations. (Cities and counties can also impose stricter regulations or require permits, so even if a charity raffle is legal in your state be sure to check locally too.)

    Why not get prizes? A great prize can help you sell more tickets and raise more funds.

  18. Lia says:

    Hi, I was wanting to do a raffle to raise money to buy bibles for our church to send to China. Is this legal?

  19. Sandra Sims says:

    Most of the time churches are considered nonprofit organizations, just check with the raffle laws of your state. Also check with your county and city to see if they have any additional requirements. Be certain that a “raffle” is going to be acceptable to your congregation, sometimes that is an issue. You can call it a “drawing” to make it sound nicer, but if you sell tickets, legally it’s the same thing as a raffle. Good luck.

  20. Joni says:

    Hi, Sandra, I have been volunteered to help with a raffle they are doing at a Cruise In at a church. Lots of gifts have been donated and the raffle tickets are printed. Now for the important part, how do we go about assigning the gifts to the numbers? Last years Cruise In was little disorganized because we didn’t know what we were doing. Winners would come up and we’d try to match the gifts to the numbers and it got hectic. Your help would greatly appreciated!

  21. bjak72 says:

    how do you go about getting donations from local bussiness? what do you have to have or actually say to get donations?

  22. frankie says:

    hi, im trying to raise money for my organization. i was able to get mac make up to give away a gift bag t each member who attends..we expect 200 people to attend…can we place a mandatory $5.00 gift donation in order to attend/receive the gift bag.in addition we will raffle off prizes which will be included in the cost of the donatio of $5.00 let me know thx

  23. Andrea says:

    I need printable certificates for a raffle. The teachers donated a lunch with your favorite teacher and I need to give the winning kids a certificate. I would like to print several on one sheet or 1/2 sheet certificate. Where can I find a template to print out.

  24. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Andrea – Here’s are a couple of websites with free printable certificates: CertificateCreator.com and 123Certificates. You can also get a package of blank ones at any office supply or teacher store.

  25. Roney Williams says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to get raffel tickets for my organization’s fundrasier.Can you help

  26. Sandra Sims says:

    There are a variety of places to get raffle tickets, visit this page on raffle ticket printing or just search for the phrase on Google.

  27. fred says:

    We have a newly built 4 year old restauarnt fully equiped. Would like to pay the morgage and credit debt and the rest to charity can we do this?

  28. Sandra Sims says:

    Raffles are not meant to be money making ventures for individuals or businesses even if you want to give the “leftovers” to a charity. Contests sponsored by for profit businesses or governments would either be defined as a lottery (if a ticket purchase is required) or a sweepstakes (if no purchase is necessary) and there are other laws that govern these activities. Check with the laws of your state and local area for more information.

    Even if this were possible it would be difficult to raffle off a business. People who purchase business property are interested in running a business or turning a profit on a real estate investmnet. People who buy raffle tickets want luxury items like cars or vacations.

  29. freddie says:

    Is there any special steps to follow if our little league is planning a raffle where tickets need to be sold & the prize is money? We are in California and we are a non prof-org.

  30. Sandra Sims says:

    Most states do not allow money to be the prize money because that crosses the line into a lottery. Look up the laws of your state here: http://rafflefaq.com/united-states-raffle-laws/

  31. Sherri says:

    We held a raffle and a few tickets came in the mail a few days after the drawing (the date of the drawing was printed on all the tickets) What are we legally required to do?

  32. Lushen Chetty says:

    Hi, I’m planning to hold a raffle in my area for non profit organizations and seeing that i sell computers part time i want to raffle a computer but cover my cost on the computer and the profit from the proceeds will go to the non profit organization concerned, my aim is to start by having one raffle every month and thereby give away one computer every month and see how it goes from there. I want to print 2000 tickets per sale at a price of R5,00 each which will give a total of R10000,00, from which R5000,00 will go to the computer cost including the after service in terms of the warranty and also cost of the tickets and the other R5000,00 goes to the non profit organization. This gives the supporter a 1 in 2000 chance to win a brand new computer with a warranty and also aid in supporting a non profit organization and its no cost to the non profit organization. In your opinion is this a good idea

  33. Amanda R says:

    I am a member of a very informal group of dog lovers. This group is sponsoring some classes at a local dog show next spring. We would like to do a raffle to raise money to pay for the ribbons and awards that are going to be offered at the show for these classes. I have solicited and received many great items from companies around the country. The administrative costs of the ribbones and trophies would be taken from the proceeds of the raffle with ALL the rest coing to ovarian cancer research in memory of a friend and member of this group who died of it earlier this year.

    Is this possible for us to do?

  34. Linda K says:

    Sandra – this has been a very informative blogroll… I’ve been on several committees charged with raising funds for public events and one quick comment I’d like to make is that sometimes we have been able to use ‘door prizes’ in lieu of ‘raffles’ even though they can be very similar. The difference is that raffles seem to involve more legal decisions and oversight than ‘door prizes’… It has been a way to sort of get around some of the difficult issues.

  35. Alejandro Salazar says:

    Would like to do sweepstakes and understand it can not be linked to purchase anything nor be a paid ticket. The idea would be to have our customers send information their friends regarding our website. If they send them an e mail, then they are in a sweepstake to win $ 200.00 Dlls worth of our store merchandise. Would this e something legal to do online? Could anyone in the US enter the sweepstake. We ship from Austin, TX

  36. Heather says:

    Do raffel tickets for a quilt raffel have to be numbered in NY state

  37. Karl says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Movie Cruise Raffle. I am a low budget movie producer from South Africa. I am planning to shoot an action movie in the Philippines this year. We found that we have six berths extra on our crew list. Seeing we can’t get a refund on these berths is it possible for us to do a raffle for these berths. The prises are for six people to be on a cruise ship while scenes of a movie is being filmed. The duration of this cruise is eight days. The income of the raffle will be used to cover the shortfall in the production budget and to pay for airfares for the six winners. There will be no cash prises in this raffle. Can I do this and will it be legal? Can you please help? Thank you.

  38. Nancy says:

    Do you have the purchasers sign any waivers, release form, rules, or anything of the sort for a raffle for a cruise? If so, is there a suggestion of what to include in the release form.
    Also- in your opinion and experience is $50 a price that would be good for such an event?

  39. Sandra Sims says:

    Nancy – I’ve never had to sign a release form to buy a raffle ticket. Printing the official rules on the back of the part that they keep should be enough. As always check with your state and local regulations.

    For a cruise $50 would probably be the top end of the ticket price range. $10 or $20 each might sell more in terms of volume but it depends on your market.

  40. shar says:

    hello Can I raffle a car to rase money for a living trust intern the trust will donate money promised to a charity.

  41. Carl says:

    Hi there,
    I am President of a Fire service organization and we are having a luncheon, and I thought we might have a raffle. Can you advise on the break down of how to sale the tickets. If some one wants to buy 1 ticket or 3 or 5 or 10, what is cutomary for the prices for those various quantities



  42. Alex says:

    Sandra, I am planning a party for my Middle School. Can you give me details on how to do it?

  43. Kaycee says:

    Hello, I hope that you can help me. I have a very good friend that just lost her 16 month old son to lung cancer. She is in need of finacial assistance to pay some remaining bills. I was wanting to put together a raffle for her. How do I go about getting some sort of backing to support the cause and validate my requests to the local community. I have obtained the number for the local american cancer society and plan on calling them and seeing what I can do to get them to back me or is it really even nessecary? Please help me to get in the right direction here. Thanks

  44. Sandra Sims says:

    All raffles must go through a registered charitable organization. for more information about fundraising for people with health needs go to: http://stepbystepfundraising.com/raising-money-for-individuals-with-health-conditions/

  45. Sanjay says:

    We are planning to have a fundraising raffle for our organization. Some members suggested a family car as the first price and two air tickets as the second price.
    My suggestion was a bmw 321 as the first price and two cruise tickets as the second price. Or two raffles, one this year with cruise tickets as the winning price and next year bmw as the winning price. Let me have your suggestion.

  46. Jahari says:

    Any suggestions on pricing raffle tickets? We will be raffling a weekend spa package to a winery and in another raffle we are giving away a 32′ plasma television. We were thinking about starting the pricing at $5.00, but I am wondering if we should offer some pricing offers like 3 for … . What are your thoughts?

  47. nafisa says:

    dear friend,
    the organization which i am working we have no core funding and my responsibilty is fundrising. i try my level best but again i can’t that much fundrising, i would like to go for funding in USA or other countries but our org hasn’t that much money to support me.
    please can you advise me how to do it

    much regard

  48. Brian says:

    Can a raffle be organized and put on by a private LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Corporation for a charitable cause? Or does it have to be put on by a non-profit organization? If it can be put on by an LLC or Corporation, what are the rules and percent of proceeds that must be donated, and how much of the proceeds can be kept by the private LLC or Corporation?


  49. Jo Bennett says:

    Hey Sandra! Do you have any recommendations for a free raffle, where items are given away for promotional purposes? Do you know of any good widgets or apps for this?

  50. Eugene Aakjar says:

    Hi, I have an idea for what I would call a Reverse Raffle. The basic idea being that the prize(s) would be unwanted by the winner. Things such as an old fridge, a broken lawn mower or a truck load of cow manure. Offer the tickets for sale with the premise being that for $1.00 you can buy your friend a ticket, with the understanding that you can buy a ticket purchased for you back for $2.00. Is there anything like this that is already set up as far as rules to work with?

  51. Nicole says:

    I would love to get a car donated for a large event my church holds once a year (we get about 3,000) people, but I would like to sell tickets for an entire year before the event. Do you know anyone who I could contact or who I should contact about getting a car donated?

  52. Cindy says:

    Hi Sandra, I don’t know where to begin, I am trying to get information on doing a fundraising event (or somthing like that) for my daughter who is 27 weeks pregnant. She just found out through Ultrasound her baby has a condition called “Gastroschisis” which occurs in 1/10,000. To make a long story short, the doctors are telling her she needs to prepare for alot of prayers, alot of travel and alot of possible surgerys for the baby. I was wandering if I could set something up in my community, legally of course, otehr then having a garage sale and baking alot of goods to sell? Im in Canada, and I dont even know how to go about setting this up, It was suggested by a friend to hold a dance in their honour and charge a fee and contribute all to travel expenses (Oh by the way she is having the baby in another city and does not have a car) so I think we will have to rent a vehicle. I’ve contact Ronald McDonald house in Toronto but you need a referral from a hospital social worker the day the baby is born but not before, when the baby is born they will then let us know if they have a room available for the mom and dad to stay in for a small fee, which would greatly help rather then travel back n forth. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.

  53. Carlos Cintron says:

    Hi Sandra,
    I want to throw a big party for about 200 people and have the admission price be a donation to the Salvation Army. How would I go about doing this?

    I need a place to have it, entertainment, food, drink, maybe a raffle…

    The age of the people attending would range from 16 to 20, so I thought a dance party would be good. What do you think about themes? Maybe a costume party?

    I really need help with this, so ANY (positive) insight at all would be welcome.


  54. Diane G. McDermott says:

    In 2009 I sold my house in a raffle. Since raffles are a form of gambling, individuals wanting to sell their home in a raffle must sell the property to a nonprofit organization (a 501c3 or an educational or religious group) that will raffle the house. The nonprofit will raise funds to pay for the home through the sale of raffle tickets. Check with the raffle laws of your state at http://www.rafflefaq.com or call the gaming board of your state. There are a few states that do not allow raffles, but most will allow nonprofits or religious groups to hold raffles. I agree with Sandra that the price of the ticket is critical because the organization running the raffle must have a winning raffle formula. A strong marketing plan is a must and lots of pre-planning too. It is also important to understand that not all homes will qualify for a good grand prize in a raffle.

    Author of: I SOLD MY HOUSE IN A RAFFLE, A Proven Step-by-step Method to Get Your Asking Price, Save Money, Save Time, & Help a Charity Too! http://www.isoldmyhouseinaraffle.com Good Luck! Diane Giraudo McDermott

  55. Gerri says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I won the grand prize at a fund raiser (a car)and it has been more than 3 months and I have not received the prize. How long are they legally allowed to not pay out on the prize? Do they have the right to delay for as long as they wish? Should I report them? I have submitted all the paper work they required and still have not heard when they will be mailing me the cheque

  56. Sandra Sims says:

    Gerri – the requirements would depend on where you live. If a phone call to the organization who sponsored the raffle has not resolved this, then you could call the attorney general’s office office of your state (if you live in the US).

  57. Angelina Magallanes says:

    Hello, I would like to raffle off my home, which I owe, and have half the profits go towards another home for family and the other half for a new church. I want to sell the tickets for $100. each and sell 2,000 tickets. My home is paid in full and worth much more than I paid for it due to it being a repossessed home and I made an offer. Would I have to sign the deed over to my church first or just allow the church to raffle the home? I do not want to sign the church over to the organization in charge of my church because we are trying to be separate from the church organization we are apart of now. We want to start our own church after we get the funds from this raffle. Would we need to first register and create a new church even without a building. Would we need a license and would everything be legal. How can we make it legal. We are from Ohio the law says as long as it is nonprofit like a church it is alright in my state.

  58. Cookie says:

    Hi Sandra. Glad I found this site. I have been brainstorming a raffle idea here in California and know some of the restrictions from the state. However, my main question regarding process is still unanswered. I am an Officer of a non-profit organization. We are trying to plan a raffle where we can offer items donated from stores and/or gift baskets. We have a donor list that we normally solicit from, but how appropriate is it to use this same list for the raffle? Example, if one of our prizes is a gift basket, would a company be interested in purchasing a ticket if the basket is described as a group gift fitting for a board meeting or office break room. I am not trying to lose our donors with an inappropriate suggestion, but we know our effort would be more successful with their participation. Please advise, and thank you very much in advance!!!

  59. Caitlyn says:

    I live in Florida and belong to an HOA; and we have annual events, such as a BBQ Party in the Park or Movie Night in the Park. The planning committee wanted to raise money for these events. We don’t have a management team over us, we have been doing it ourselves to help save money. Is doing a raffle within the community and/or extending it to friends and family legal if the money is not for profit? We have donated items already (dinner show tickets, custom decorated cake, etc) but don’t know if we can move forward with sending out emails and signs about it.

  60. sarah says:


  61. Diane G. McDermott says:

    Hello Angelina Magallanes,
    I help nonprofits, realtors, lenders, and homeowners with house raffles. I sold my house in a raffe and I have a background in marketing, and real estate investing. I have a few questions regarding your proposed house raffle project, and I believe I can provide some answers for you. Please feel free to send me an e-mail at smartsolutions@q.com.

    Diane Giraudo-McDermott, Author of I SOLD MY HOUSE IN A RAFFLE, A Proven Step-by-step Method to Get Your Asking Price, Save Money, Save Time, & Help a Charity Too!

  62. Elizabeth Ross says:

    We are organising a raffle in Ohio for the Rotary club. Can we sell tickets in Massachusetts and Maine.

    If we have to register the raffle in MA can we make the draw in Ohio?

  63. Rosanna says:

    How do I draw the winning ticket without having them think it was rigged? I am selling tickets to win a TV for a fundraiser but not having a party for it?

  64. Diane says:

    Hi.. I live in Ohio and I am wanting to put a fundraiser together for my sister. She has a rare auto immune disease. I have no idea how to go about putting it together. She has insurance however her co-pay for injections is $300.00 bi-weekly and she can not afford that. She skipped her injections this week. We have many family members that are willing to help but she is to proud to accept money from us. That is why I came up with a benefit idea. How would you suggest going about putting something like this together? If I get donations of products and planned a silent auction is this legal? I appreciate any information you can offer.

  65. Sandra Sims says:

    I’d recommend reviewing these pages that may answer many of your questions…

    Raising Money for Individuals with Health Conditions

    6 Steps to Online Fundraising for Medical Costs

    Here’s a list of Raffle Laws by State for specific questions contact your state’s attorney general’s office and your local city government (as they may have additional regulations on raffles). Most require that proceeds go to a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

    good luck!

  66. julia says:

    Hi Sandra, I’m hoping you can guide me in the right direction…
    I”m looking to have a fundraiser thru my blog. I have prizes ready to be donated, but I’m just not sure the legal part. (we have nothing big, just photographs, gift certs and a flip video cam)

    each participant will be required to purchase tickets in increments of $5 (or maybe less, i’m not sure).

    here’s my issue…. i HEARD that i have to allow FREE entries.. i can’t make it a requirement to buy a ticket… is that true? ALL MONEY DONATED is going to Doma International, a non-profit organization.

    Please email me with a follow up!!! Thank you!

  67. Sandra says:

    Julia, as far as free entries and legal that varies by state. You should also check with local city government to see if there are other regulations. See: http://rafflefaq.com/united-states-raffle-laws/

  68. eli sloan says:

    how to raise money for people in kane valley , az who were childern and resident in the past 45 years.. urainium tailings exposure..

  69. eli sloan says:

    my email is recyclegasoline@yahoo.com

  70. adoriel boyce says:

    hi sandra i have a new Dell laptop computer i would like to raffle is that o.k ?

  71. Teena says:

    Im on a Derby League who is just starting out. We are having our first bout in a week or so ands I was wondering if I need to get a permit to have a basket raffle. Its just gonna be a coffee basket valued @ about $25 to try and earn some extra cash for our league. Will I need to get a permit for this? Ive been reading alot and I know if its valued over #500 u need one. Do I need one for such a small ticket item? I dont know if we will make much money off it but I figure if we can make a few extra bucks for our league that would be wonderful!!

  72. Andrew says:

    Hi, we are a local volunteer fire department holding a drawing for prizes as a fundraiser. All the proceeds benefit the department and gets used for protective equipment. Are we able to set up a link on line for people to purchase our tickets which are considered a tax deductible donation?

  73. Derek says:

    @Jo Bennett companies often give away free items to promote a new product or brand. Please view my article for more information:

  74. Ken says:

    We are raffling a Lou Holtz autographed football this month. The raffle is free:


  75. Rachel says:

    Im planning on having a raffle to raise money for Comic Relief. I will be buying the prizes (red themed items like candles..sweets etc..small things)Im going to charge $6 for this. Is there anything else i need to know? Could you help me? Im only selling tickets to 8 people.

  76. Chris Durham says:

    Hello I coach youth baseball and we are sponsored by an organization and we sell raffle tickets as a fundraiser, I want to sell tickets that were donated to my team from a promoter of an MMA fight, for 1 do I need to go thru the organization to sell these ( the proceeds benefit my team only ) and 2nd do i need some kinda nonprofit # or license to sell these on my own? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  77. Shana says:

    My brother was recently diagnosed with Briquettes lymphoma cancer. When I say recent.. I mean, Feb. 19th. He’s currently being treated at United in the Oncology unit. He has had two rounds of treatment so far… Doctor’s say it’s stage four.
    My brother is 26 years old.. he has done missionary work in Poland and has two beautiful little kids. Rose, 4, and James, 3. We would like to set up a raffle benefit for him. All proceeds will be put into an interest earning account for his costs, lost wages or for the kids, burial expenses- if worse comes to worst. What a terrible thing to plan, but we want this to celebrate him and appear as joyful as possible.
    We live in Minnesota. What type of businesses should we contact for what type of prizes?

  78. Heather says:

    I have a question I am organizing a raffle with a charity and have several different items: baseball jerseys, autographed baseballs, mini helmets (NFL), restaurant and spa gift cards etc. I want to raise enough money to make it successful what would you suggest for the priccing structure is $5 to expenisve for a ticket and if so how many tickets should I give for $5 and $10 then.

    Also, I have so many prizes I now have a kids raffle going as well so their tickets can be cheaper what is a good pricing structure for that the items are obviously smaller Chuck E Cheese gift basket, Five Guys gift cards, etc.

    thank you so much for your help!

  79. Phoebe says:

    I’m looking to raffle my Hermes Kelly Bag instead of doing eBay or the consignment thing. How would I go about doing that? It was purchased for $8000.00 in 2007 and from my understanding it’s worth quite abit more. I think a raffle would be a great idea and whatever I made on top of my set price, I would donate a percentage to Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital. Any advice out there? Thank you, Phoebe

  80. Kate says:

    Hey Sandra, if I were to sell raffle tickets to raise money for a charity or school, would I have to get permission from the government or something, or could I just sell the tickets without telling them?

  81. CATHY says:

    Hi, I want to raise money for the families of our fallen warriors in our city.
    Being an artist I have painted a piece of art in memory of our police.
    I want to rasffle this off and also have an art sale of my works to benefit the families. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 75% of the proceeds will go to the families . Any ideas on how to proceed.

  82. Nonie Curry says:

    I am a Franchise Field Consultant for a sandwich chain and one of my stores are having a 22 year party and they are seeling raffle tickets for prizes that has been given to them and giveawas for free lunches, all moneys brought in will go to a charity in there community. Do they have any legal obligations?

  83. katie weaver says:

    looking for a form letter to give to merchant to ask for donations for a raffle for new helmets for out youth football league.
    do you know where I might find one?

  84. Heather says:

    Sandra, A close friend’s husband passed away suddenly at age 42 almost a year ago. My friend is now single parenting three young children and supporting herself on a teacher’s salary. A group of us have organized a golf tournament. At the tournament, we’d also like to have a raffle. I know I have to check my state laws, but do you have suggestions on how to run the raffle. We have prizes as big as Yankees tickets and computers and as small as $20 at a restaurant.

  85. Kathy says:

    I am trying to organize a raffle to help someone with international adoption costs. Do you have any suggestions on organizations that might let us go through them and then still give this person some of the money to help with the costs.

  86. Bill says:

    I am wanting to try to raise enough money to start my own business and I was thinking about having a few huge raffles to raise the money. I know the different states all have thier own laws about raffles and I’m having trouble finding out if it is legal to do this or not. I live in Ohio and if you would happen to know the answer to this or if you could point me in the right dirrection, I would greatly appriciate it.


  87. Mark Grochala says:

    I want to use my facebook page to sell raffles for a charity, but the state of NJ says I can’t sell raffles on line. Could I ask people to make a donation to the charity, through my paypal account, and I will randomly select someone and give them a gift certificate from a local business? All the money will go directly to the charity.

  88. Samuel says:

    Pls I work with an Health Management Organization.We are planning a raffle draw for market women,what gifts will be appropriate?

  89. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Mark, that still sounds like a raffle. Best not to attempt circumventing the laws. There have been people who faced big fines for doing so. Sorry!

  90. Sang says:

    What happens when a donor refuses to honor the donation after the raffle tickets are sold and a winner is announced

  91. Pam says:

    Hi Sandra: We are giving our parents of our football league raffle tickets to sell. Normally we ask for the money up front then when they sell the tickets and hand them in they can keep the money. This year we would like to try something differently. We would like to be able to give some people the option of selling the tickets first then giving us the sold tickets and money but we are going back and forth that it is not illegal if they do not give us the money, etc… What is the legal implications if they sellt he tickets and do not give us the money? We live in Connecticut and I’ve read the laws but it gets a little complicated. Is it illegal if they turn in tickets and not the money? Etc… Please help as we need our answers quickly.

  92. treejohn572 says:

    Great article! If you are planning a event I would go for the red ribbon. Everyone always loves red ribbons. I think I should open a raffle now or at least join one.

  93. yolande says:

    We are struggling a lot so we are considiring to to raffle out our house. What steps must we take in order for it to be legal. We want to make enough to buy a new house, pay off dept and to buy a new car. We want to give 10% of the total to the people that would sell the tickets or can I sell it myself and then give 10% to a charity of my own choice?

  94. terry smith says:

    i wish to sell antiques at car boot sales using a prize draw method for personal gain. is this legal?

  95. Rebecca Lewis says:

    I’m not familiar with the laws in the UK but in the US you can’t do a raffle for personal gain, they have to be for a charity. Sorry! You might do better with antiques at auction anyway.

  96. chris says:

    I live in Indianapolis, In and I direct charitable gaming for SABA’. I would like to run an Annual raffle event everyday. We would like to give out cash prizes and other items of value. Do you think this can be a profitable venture to do everyday?

  97. Lauren says:

    hello i would just like to know how to get donations from companies?

  98. Renee Cooper says:

    Can a for profit business give away free raffle tickets for a noncash prize
    We are trying to grow our database, the ideal scenerio would be to have people give us their contact information and they would get a free raffle ticket, and we would send them an invite to register with our company. They would also have the optiont to opt out of having us contact them.

  99. Gordon says:

    Hi Sandra,
    I’m an artist living in California. Over the past several years I’ve donated paintings to our local school for their annual fundraiser. These paintings were sold to the highest bidder through a live auction. Each year the painting has auctioned for a large amount of money, and year after year the amount has grown. Considering the current economy, we are concerned this year’s auction might not go as well as the previous years so we are considering a raffle instead. My art is well known in our community and we are confident we could sell many raffle tickets. We were considering a starting price for one ticket, and to discount the tickets for those who purchased larger quantities (one ticket for $25, three for $50, eight for $100…).
    We have just learned that whoever wins this raffle might be responsible for a large amount of taxes. Is there away around this? Through gifting the painting or other means? We don’t want to penalize anyone for donating money to the school if they win the painting in a raffle.
    The paintings typically have a retail value between 10K to 15K but have been auctioning for 20K to 30K. 100% of the money raised goes to the school’s education fund, a non-profit education foundation.
    Any ideas? Or should we take our chance with a live auction again?
    Thank you.

  100. Alvaro Yung says:

    Can an organizer participate in the same raffle?

  101. Jacky O’flaherty says:

    Hi, I am arranging our Christmas Ball which will be held in December. My colleagues are not charged for either the party or the meal and we always have a raffle. Boxes are normally placed on tables for people to ‘put any money they decide’ in to but this is open to a lot of colleagues not putting any money into the box!! This year we would like to hold the normal raffle and hold another raffle by which people will be charged £5 per ticket, receive a ticket (for this raffle) with I hope some good prizes. Where do we stand legally with this idea? It is legal to give everyone a ticket to attend the Christmas Ball – use this ticket for the normal raffle and then issue another ticket solely for the 2nd raffle. ALL monies receive from our Christmas Ball always go to the Charity we support that year. This year it is The Rainbow Charity. My question is: Can we do what I have said. Can we hold a 2nd raffle for those who have purchased a ticket without having to include everyone at the event or does this create some kind of tax or legal issue? Many thanks. Jacky 2

  102. Julie says:

    Hi Sandra–Can people be double winners in a raffle? I was just at an event in which a name was called twice for the raffle and the (dumbfounded) announcer wasn’t sure what to do, so he asked the participants if they wanted a second winner, or a re-draw! People buy multiple tickets!!!! It didn’t seem fair!!

  103. Jamie says:

    I am organizing a gift auction for a local volunteer fire department but am in dire need of more prize donations…. The auction is November 5th this year is there anyone or anywhere you know of that is willing to donate? ?

  104. Dennis says:


    It seems like many raffles draw for prizes in the wrong order. A good raffle with multiple items will start with the most expensive item and work down from there. If a person buys one ticket and they draw for the lowest priced item first and that person wins it, then they have no chance for the largest prize and that is wrong. Most raffles do it this way and that is the way you recommend it also. Everybody should have a chance at the largest prize, that is why you should start with that one.

  105. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Julie, Can people win more than once – yes and no – it depends on the rules that the organization sets out from the beginning of the raffle. (And depending on laws that apply in the area.) Looks like this group did not plan for this circumstance.

    Sometimes raffle organizers purposefully allow people to be able to win more than once, so if the person wins a secondary or early-bird prize like a $20 gift card, they are still eligible to win the big prize, a new car. Organizers can also specify that people can only win one final grand prize if there are multiple big prizes given away. Organizers want to encourage people to buy more than one ticket to improve the profits of the raffle.

    It depends on the types of prizes and how they are given away whether the group should allow multiple prizes or not. Again, this should be spelled out in the rules beforehand.

  106. Julie says:

    Thanks, Sandra. It was a small raffle with almost equal prizes and no grand prize (8 new bikes were in the raffle). (Of course) they wanted the participants to buy multiple tickets and we could put the tickets in the box(es) for the bike(s) we wanted…as you can imagine some of the bikes had many more tickets in the boxes than the others…..

    Thanks for the info.


  107. LWiedenfelds says:

    We are holding a student raffle for our schools PTA fundraiser. We are awarding raffle prizes to ticket buyers. But we are also awarding prizes to the five top selling students that sell the most tickets. We have a $200,$50,$50,$25,$25 prizes in relativity to most tickets sold. How should we handle a tie for the one of the prize points?

  108. Shirley S says:

    Sandra, I would like to raffle off beautiful afghans that I make. Some take up to two weeks to make and most people would want one when they see them. I would like to make a decent profit and donate the balance to a domestic violence charity. Can you give me info on how to get started. Do I need a permit, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  109. Cordell says:

    Hi Sandra,
    I’m helping a company with an anti-bullying campaign, and they’re holding a raffle fundraiser event in Pasadena, CA. They’re a for-profit company, and I’m wondering if they should ask for items to raffle at local businesses? Is it ok that they’re not a charity organization?

  110. Sandra says:

    Cordell – If the company is charging money for the raffle tickets and keeping the proceeds they could be in violation of the law. If they are giving the proceeds to charity, that may be a different matter, but sometimes the raffles have to run by the charity itself to be legal.

  111. Tam says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I’m thinking of doing a fundraiser for my school club. I think all of what you said is great and will definitely help me but do you have any advice on motivating people to buy raffles? In my case, they will be fellow high shcol students.

  112. Cynthia says:


    I have just started a youth group with my church and we would like to have a youth program but we need a building to do the event. Would I be in order to have a raffle to raise money to have this event?

  113. Mary says:

    Hi, Sandra,

    We are half way through our sales campaign for a $100,000 grand prize raffle. In all, we’re giving away $180,000. Tickets are $100 and we’re selling a maximum of 5000. We’re just shy of 2000 sold, and need some promotional ideas. In addition to parents and parishioners of the churches selling, we have 3 ticket outlets, and have run ads in 4 different diocesan newspapers within 200 miles. We have sent the information for inclusion in church bulletins to all Catholic churches in Illinois, and surrounding parts of Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana. We have hung a street banner on the main street, sold tickets at our masses and fish frys as well as other community events. We have also registered with an online site that helps promote your non-profit raffle nationwide. We have just talked to several bars who are willing to try to sell them and be entered into a drawing for a flat screen tv if they sell a minimum of 15 tickets. There is a larger $5000 pre-drawing event on 3/31 in conjunction with the basketball tournament where we will have food, drinks, big screen tvs and will sell tickets as well as draw for cash prizes. We need to sell a lot more tickets! Do you have some suggestions for us? Thanks!


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  115. Kevin L Boyer says:

    I want to personally raffle my 2008 ford f 150 with 200000 miles on it. It’s body inside and out is leather and in perfect condition.

  116. Kelly says:

    our children’s dance group would like to host a raffle and “sell” balloons for $5. We are not a 501c3. Each balloon would be accompanied by 5 raffle tickets. Is this legal?


  117. Joe says:


    Thank you for reading my message. i am torn. For the last few years, I’ve helped raise money for charity via silent auction. Items were donated by well-known celebrities. This year, I’m debating whether or not to continue with the silent auction or to go with a raffle. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank You,

  118. aeyr says:

    hi there im out of ideas on how to make my raffle fair i have 8 differnt raffle books and some have brought more than others how would i make it even to make everyone have a fair chance

  119. Lola says:

    I have a friend who lost her job two years ago she’s in her 50 and unfortunately has not been able to find a job she has no kids and her mom lives in a senior home we are trying to put together a raffle or some kind of charity to help her pay her back rent since she will be getting evicted the end of month and will be homeless. She tried getting help from welfare and was denied because she cannot pay them back. It’s a sad story for someone who has worked since she was 13 we want to help her do you have any ideas? We have a gold bracelet and a few small items to raffle

    Thank you

  120. jan says:

    I am the mom to an 8 year cancer surivior, hes 12 now!, we have an oppurtunity to raffle off a friends beach front house for one prime week for summer 2013, in Maine.
    I would like the money to go to, two organizations, one being a onocology camp for children and their families and a foundation for children fighting and who have fought cancer. I do not have a clue on how to start this process of starting up, if anyone can give me a boost, I can move along, thanks so much!

  121. Adam says:

    Nice article, but you didn’t say much about creating incentives for local businesses to donate prizes. It seems to me that their only incentive is to raise awareness about their business. So if you have school kids going door to door to sell tickets, for instance, would you advise providing them with a nicely printed list of all the prizes in order of value, with the name and logo and a short description with address, etc. of each of the companies that donated them? They could leave the list so that it then becomes a longer term resource for the ticket buyer. And if there is a physical event at which the prizes are awarded, you could also print out the logos of the businesses and tape them to the walls as a big “thank you” to them.

  122. Crystol Hilliard says:

    Hi. I work as a temp for a small, rural non-profit organization in Maine. The company has been struggling for more than two years but still remains afloat and has recently begun to improve. Unfortunately, a physical structure deterioration issue looms overhead and efforts for raising money have been made, although I personally believe there are ways of raising money that they are not utilizing and would like to help. I believe a raffle would be helpful as they have yet only received grants and donations. Since Christmas is coming, and the company makes wonderful, hand-made products, I think a raffle could be done with little to no money-at a perfect time of year. Can you tell me what legalities I need to observe in order to prepare for an interview with management in bringing this issue up? Thank-you.

  123. Emily says:

    hi! i was reading these posts and i like the idea
    my friend has been through so much with canser. this is her 8th time being diagnosed and cant cover the treatment money.
    i am doing a raffle to help
    im thinking like a tv or possibly the iphone as prized?
    does anyone no how i would and who i would get ahold of to ask about these?
    how do i get people to donate?

  124. Kristi says:


    Our schools non-profit parent-teacher club is raffling off a new car. We have the state approval, the tickets printed, and a secure lock box. Now we are trying to figure out how to get the tickets to the students to sell. We have a student body of 700. We would like to ask each student to sell at least 10. If you give the students 10 tickets each we are afraid we are not going to get the unsold tickets back and some people will try to enter their unpaid for tickets. Or if we give the students a log sheet to get money first and then we give them the tickets, we don’t think as many tickets will be sold. Most people buying tickets for a raffle want the actual ticket when the give the money.

    Any tips or suggestions?

  125. patricia says:

    Hie, we are a local NGO planning a fundraising raffle in order to finance a chicken rearing project which will benefit women living wih HIV/AIDS in the community we are working who most of the times abandon their medication because of lack of food.From the proceeds of the chicken sales we will be proving the basic food items on a monthly basis to the beneficiaries.the chickens will be sold at a reduced price inorder to give back to the community who will take part in financing the project through buying tickects for the draw.My question is the idea ideal?


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  127. Mel says:

    Do you actually have to buy the car to give it away? I am really confussed on how you get all the gifts to give away at the raffle. Especially for the big prizes. Also how many small gifts do you give away and how many big ones?

  128. Robin says:

    My son has been chosen to go on an Honors Band tour of Europe. I wanted to raffle off items to raise money for his trip, is that leagal. We are in NJ and I know raffles themselves are legal. I was going to buy an iPod nano and raffle it off.

  129. FRAN says:

    My daughter is on an all-star cheer team. One of the mom’s, along with myself have gone door to door to local restaurants, and small businesses (hair salons, nails, and one %40 for SLEEPY’S). We would like to make a calendar raffle out of these donations. I wanted to do one called “Count down to Christmas”, but I feel we have come to close to the date to put that together. Anyway, it is just two of us and some GC’s are only valued at One large pizza while others are $100.00 dinners. How can I raffle these off and split the donations with her equally and legally?

  130. Michelle morgan says:

    I was going to have a raffle ticket sale and whatever ticket is drawn would be the winner. The prize was going to be $100. What would be a good price for each ticket? Is $5 to much?

  131. bob says:

    I’m thinking of raffling off our $7,000 a week high end beach place this Aug. It’s for our church and 100% will go to the church.

    Is $5.00 for a four night stay a good ticket price for the raffle? Any thoughts?

    It will easily sleep 10 people and I don’t want to have someone pack a bunch of people for a four night stay……we always get a security deposit and obviously we can’t in this kind of arrangement….any thoughts?

    I was going to spread the word on my Facebook site and I don’t know if that is an issue……any thoughts?

    Thanks and kind regards,


  132. bob says:

    Do you think $5.00 per ticket would be a good price point for a $7,000 a week high end beach rental 4bed/3bath that will sleep 10 people? The timeframe would be for four nights.

    Kind regards

  133. bob says:

    Oppps, 100% of the proceeds will go to our church!!

  134. Peter says:

    We held a car raffle where the winner is refusing the prize. Do you have any language we could put in a document to show he refused the prize and releases us from any obligation to him/her?

  135. ROTIMI SHITTU says:

    I am in Nigeria with interest in social work. I intend to run raffles to empower youths that are unemployed. Sick people that may not be able to pay for major surgeries , pay school fees etc
    Do you think am on track ?

  136. Jacque says:


    Our non profit organization will be raffling off 40 2015 Super Bowl Experiences inclusive of airfare, hotel, transportation, Super Bowl and US Open tickets. The raffle tickets are 25 each or 5 for $100. The retail value is 18,700.

    Is there anything that we need to be concerned about?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  137. nicole says:

    Hi therr,

    I work in a smallish club & have been asked to be more involved with the promotions, running planning etc….. Where so i start? Lol are there companies that help etc? As in gibeaway a holiday, car or major cash? Im a little baffled where to start…..
    Thanks for ur help in advance 😊

  138. .Kyle Parks says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am wanting to raffle a vacation to support our school. Where abouts should I look into having a company possibly donate some if not all of the trip’s costs?

  139. Ingrid says:

    Hi there,
    I am a college student looking to fundraise for a study abroad trip I will be doing next summer. I was considering having the raffle drawing/party at a local bar since I am good friends with the general manager. Are there any laws that you are aware of that would prohibit the raffle from being allowed to be held in a bar? (In the state of Iowa). Also, dose it make a difference that I am fundraising for an individual rather than an organization?

  140. Isla laslow says:

    I won a raffle prize of $175.00 hair color, cut etc. And the donor refuses to honor the prize because I am already a client. He will only honor for a new, potential client.
    Is that allowed? To discriminate?
    The whole reason I bought tickets was to win that prize.
    Pedi. Cancer/ Connecticut
    Thank you

  141. stacy says:

    our raffle is a “need not be present” to win. Am i responsible to deliver the basket to the winner or do they pick it up?

  142. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I’m doing a raffle. How long should i have the raffle run for before picking a winner?
    2 weeks 3 weeks a month

    Its a prize from my self employeed business its a pretty expensive and very wanted product.

  143. Jennifer says:

    I would like to start a raffle but not sure if j can. My husband was diagnosed with Neck Cancer June 23,2014 we lost our home and had to sell 99% of our stuff. The stuff we have left is keepsakes and items we could not sell. I now and being tested for cancer. But I have a tanning bed that I had just bought brand new right before my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He is now 100% disable and I have had 4 surgeries in the past 7 weeks. I would love to raffle this tanning bed to help us catch up on bills and buy school clothes for our son. Is this something I can do? We have no use for the tanning bed nor any room for it any longer due to our new Lil Home is a 38′ travel trailer.

  144. Susan says:

    Hi! I would like to raise money for a non profit organization. My question is, can I do a raffle on my own? Following the rules of my state of course. My plan is to raffle off gift baskets and donate the money. I feel like I should have something to protect myself or help get more donations.

  145. Marie says:

    I plan to do a 1/2 marathon to help raise funds for this non profit organization. I am a travel agent. I did not get a cruise donation to raffle as I had hoped. I still want to proceed with the raffle by buying the cruise myself. What would you advise in terms of making this fundraiser nothing but a complete success?
    I appreciate your help

  146. whitney says:

    I’m looking to start my home daycare business. But need help with my startup costs. Can I do a raffling to raise money to help fund my business. The funds will go towards securing a safe location, first last and security, equipment, arts and crafts,bedding,licensing, permits,etc. I’m a 1 woman army. So this will all be done by myself. Can I get items donated for a cause like this? Thanks

  147. Crysta says:

    I am a parent with a dance studio and our competitive team is wanting to do a raffle. The funds that would be raised, the parents would like to use towards a dance program that our girls have been invited to.
    When I applied for a license, it was denied. I know the dance studio it’s self is a business but it is the parents doing the fundraising for our dancers benefit and none for the money would be going back into the studio.
    Are there any other ways around this?


  148. Susan says:

    My daughter’s high school dance team has fundraisers almost every month. Our most current fundraiser: Coach wrote: “All ticket money or $50 Donation/Buy Out & unsold tickets, must be turned in tonight or tomorrow.” My daughter didn’t sell tickets because she ran out of people to ask every month. As a parent, i do as much as I can to help, and worked over and above on a clothing drive two weeks ago. I asked the coach not to ask my daughter for the $50 buyout. The coach asked her for the money anyways – and because she didn’t want the coach to bench her for not paying $50, my daughter paid the coach with her own money. Can the coach the legally require a student to do this – actually make a student pay a buyout? Any feedback would be so very much appreciated. Thank you.

  149. Trishaa Minter says:


    If my ?? are not for you–please refer me–I have read over 100 raffle articles.

    1) we have small craft fair-seems common to have “opportunity drawing” at a lot of these fairs. We have tried selling tickets and not sold them. Is this drawing something we
    have to “register”
    2) How does one set it up: seems if you say must be present to win-then they do not bu ticket. If you do not say that then how do you get prize to them if out of area?

    Thank you

  150. md. rajib mollikl says:

    i am started raffle business,but i have no idea raffle business need papers. please tale me how do the papers government authority..?

  151. Steven Franco says:

    I have a non=profit boxing gym and would like to do a raffle. We did one earlier in the year and raffled a pair of San Antonio Spurs playoff tickets. Sold each ticket for $5 each ans 5 for $20. we Made about $320. I was wondering what would be a good prize for this and how to get it without spending the money up front like we did for the tickets.

  152. Crenella Curry says:

    I am a licensed Massage Therapist I am currently starting my own business I would like to raffle off a spa day for which the winner will win full body relaxation massage, facial, stone massage, paraffin ,and hot towel treatment I also will include aromatherapy and a place to host the spa party and food and I would also like to raffle off just a free massage at least once a month by this being my first raffle I am lost

  153. Francesco Termine says:

    Hi ..my travel agency and group of italian restaurants would like to do a raffle for to promote our business and make a donation to local mission …the Raffle ‘s idea is to sell tickets inside some italian restaurants …Raffle tickets suggestion is $ 10 …..Prizes are tour in Italy ….$ 8 cover cost of the tour and $ 2 going in donation ….but after a lot job done and fight for
    to get special tour’s Italy prices ….i discovery Raffle like that is illegal in Florida …..so that destroy our project
    Do you have any suggestion how to do a Raffle like that ?
    thank you

  154. Amy says:

    Can you raffle off a tavern?? In nsw

  155. Holley Ruggels says:

    I want to raffle a prize that is about 100.00 I at least want to double or more getting my money back. Is 5.00 a good price to sale them for and I thought about 40 tickets. What do you think?

  156. Terry Onely says:

    Is it advisable to distribute the profits to each seller based upon the percentage of raffle tickets sold?

  157. Elaine Pope says:

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