When many nonprofits hear about how profitable a charity auction can be get super excited and jump in feet first.  Sadly too many charity auctions fall short of expectations.  Planners may not know how to really appeal to businesses to get sponsorships and auction items.  They may make rookie mistakes like using a volunteer auctioneer, or many other little pitfalls that lead to frustration.

I hate to see good hearted people and great causes falter. That’s why I’m going to hand you the real deal, secrets from the charity auction experts themselves.

It’s not been an easy or inexpensive task.  I managed to convince these experts to each spend an hour on the phone with me sharing their most cherished auction secrets.  Between them, they have over 40 years experience planning benefit auctions.  They know what mistakes to avoid and what strategies to use to skyrocket your auction success!

In these interviews, discover how to make planning your auction easier and more efficient than ever, and most importantly raise more funds to fuel your mission:
See what the best selling auction items are
Get a Step by Step plan for getting auction items donated
How to raise more money by boosting attendance at your event
How to get more bids and higher closing prices by warming up bidders before the auction
Ensure a successful event by coordinating volunteers, staff and auction consultants

Dawn Rose-Sohnly, Charity Benefit Auctioneer

Dawn Rose-SohnlyDawn has been serving as an auctioneer and auction assistant for more than 15 years. Along with her sister Karen, she has helped raise millions of dollars at auctions for groups like Make-A-Wish, the Toledo Area Humane Society, and the American Heart Association just to name a few.

Dawn shares success strategies from her years of auction experience:

How to choose the auction chairperson

What to look for when hiring an auctioneer

Why having a professional auction assistant can dramatically increase the funds raised at your auction

How to determine which items go in the live auction vs. the silent auction

Free Preview! Listen to a clip or read transcript from this interview here: A Successful Live Auction is Like a Circus

Steve Lieberstein, Nonprofit Professional

Steve LiebersteinSteve Lieberstein earned a Masters Degree Baruch College, School of Public Affairs specializing in Nonprofit Administration. He has worked in fundraising and development for St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital Foundation, Sullivan County Community College Foundation and Israel Humanitarian Foundation.

Steve teaches you how to work with volunteers and use special events to develop relationships with your supporters:

The most important factors nonprofit leaders should focus on when planning a benefit auction event

How to organize and motivate your volunteer team

How to make sure planning stays on schedule

The biggest mistake nonprofit leaders make with special events and how to avoid it

Free Preview! Listen to a clip or read transcript from this interview here: 360 Degree Planning for Fundraising Events

Karin Costa, Charity Benefit Auctioneer

Karin CostaKarin Costa has 10 years experience in special event planning. She has been an auctioneer since 1997 and is trained in benefit auctioneering and non-profit management. She has served as an auctioneer at successful events for nonprofits including private schools and Junior Achievement.

Karin provides you with many creative and practical ideas:

The number one most popular category of auction item

Dozens of great examples of the best auction items that you can use in your own auction

A step by step plan for sourcing these auction items

How to get attendees excited about bidding for items before and during the event

Free Preview! Listen to a clip or read transcript from this interview here: How to Get Auction Item Donations (Without Cold Calling!)

BONUS #1: Ray Hansen, IML Silent Auction Technology

Ray Hansen Ray has been working with computer applications and event technology for several years.  Now he provides a new technology solution for silent auctions through the IML audience response system.

In this 30 minute interview Ray shares the benefits of adding this technology to your silent auction:

Provides event personnel up to the minute knowledge of how auction is going — so more promotion can be done during the event when needed

Multiple opportunities provided by the system to promote your corporate sponsors

Optional pledge system to take direct donations

Free Preview! Listen to a clip or read transcript from this interview here: Get More Bids with Wireless Electronic Bidding

BONUS #2: Quick Start Guide – “81 Tips to Make Your Auction Great”

Auction Tips BonusGathered from the 3+ hours of audio interviews, this bonus guide gives you a list of tips to make the most of your auction.

Tips are listed by topic: planning, auction item acquisition, auction & event strategies, event day, and post-event tips for easy reference.

So if you are pressed for time, or want to review what was in the seminars quickly, just pull out this four page cheat sheet. Put just one of these tips into action and it could make a dramatic difference in your fundraising results!

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