A phone-a-thon has been a traditional way to reach potential donors by phone. This strategy involves volunteers or paid outsourced sales agents placing outbound calls. The newest telephone fundraising uses inbound calls only; supporters use their mobile phones to make donations.

Mobile Phone Fundraising

mGive – Donors text your keyword to a preregistered code and make a mobile donation from their cell phone.

Mobile Giving Foundation – Enables the use of wireless resources and technology to support good causes.

Telephone Fundraising

How to Host a Phone-A-Thon – Article from Profit Quests

10 Myths of Telephone Fundraising – Article from Mal Warwick & Associates

12 Ways to Combine Direct Mail and Telephone Fundraising – Article from Mal Warwick & Associates

Using Phone-a-thons to Build Grassroots Support – Article with detailed information; includes a case study of selling raffle tickets by phone

Consultants & Services

J Milto & Associates – Telephone fundraising services firm

Dial America – Fundraising services through magazine subscription and product sales program

RuffaloCODY – Telephone fundraising & outsourced campus phone-a-thons

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