Cookie Fundraiser

Beef Jerky Fundraiser – Convenient, individually wrapped beef sticks in a variety of flavors. Includes Jack Link’s most popular snacks: X-Stick Extreme Snack Sticks, Original Beef Steak, All-American Beef & Cheese.

Chippery Cookie DoughA review of Place-n-Bake Chippery cookie dough fundraisers which makes baking easy.

Chocolatiers – $2 bar assortment includes 12 Caramel Bars, 12 Almond Bars, and 12 Crispy Rice Bars. 60% profit.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Enjoy all your favorite flavors straight from the oven: Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, M&M’s, and more. Includes a full color sales catalogs.  Free to start (no money required up front.)

Creative Cooking Kits By Crayola® – Fun Cooking Kit fundraiser brings families together. The kits are sold for $10.00 each and your group makes up to 55% profit.

Dollar Fundraising Chocolate Bars – The variety pack includes 45 bars per carrier including 14 Creamy Caramel Bars, 11 Roasted Almond Bars, 11 Crispy Rice Bars, and 9 Tasty Truffle Bars.

Healthy Snacks Variety – 66 items in every box including brand names like Pepperidge Farms and Rice Krispies. Each snack pack contains less than 35% fat, less than 35% sugar, less than 10% saturated fat, and less than 250 calories.

Hershey Fundraising Chocolate – Hershey Bars, straight or variety packs. Includes Hershey Milk Chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit-Kit and More.

Kettle Corn – Freshly popped and ready to eat and lower sugar than caramel corn.  Sells for $1 per bag; 40% profit.

Krispy Kreme – 3 ways to raise funds: traditional doughnut sales, certificates and cards

Lollipops fundraiser – Gourmet lollipops in a wide variety of flavors, colors and shapes

Pizza Card Fundraiser – Choose a participating nationwide chain or partner with your local pizza shop. Up to 90% Profit, no up-front payment, no minimum order.

Restaurant Gift Card – Let your supporters choose their favorite restaurant or discover new dining choices with this card. Face value = $50, you sell them for $20 and keep $10.

World’s Finest Chocolate – Delicious chocolate candy bars. Almond Bars, Caramel Bars, Crisp Bars, Ravin’ Raisins and Milk Chocolate candy.


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