Indulge Your Healthy Side Trail Mix Fundraiser

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Profit and Costs:

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So many people have been looking for healthier alternatives to candy fundraising that we went searching for the best healthy snack fundraisers and we came up with our Indulge Your Healthy Side Trail Mix Fundraiser. We think it’s one of the best fundraising programs available.Indulge Your Healthy Side Trail Mix Fundraiser

Product Description

Indulge Your Healthy Side features trail and snack mixes along with a great variety of healthy products that are good for you and taste good.

Products range from the Natural Snacks trail mix to the Yogurt Pretzels and Red Licorice. There is a snack for everyone in this program.

Each bag of trail mix sells for only $6..

Profits You Can Make

You will make 50% profit on every bag of trail mix you sell. Since the selling price for each item is $6 that means that you will earn $3 of profit on every item you sell.

This is one of the few fundraisers where you make 50% profit on every item you sell no matter how many items you sell!

Ordering Your Trail Mix

Most groups pre sell trail mix for two weeks. That is enough time to maximize sales yet not too long where you remove all sense of urgency. At the end of the sale gather together all of the order forms and money and tally it all together. We provide a free online tool to tally orders together with.

Once your orders are tallied you can either call us toll free and place your order on the phone or you can order directly online.

Delivery Times and Costs

Our trail mixes typically leave the warehouse within 7-10 days and should arrive at your location in around 2 weeks.

If your group sells 150 or more items we will pay all shipping costs. On smaller orders we charge a $65 shipping and handling fee that covers all associated costs for the program including actual freight costs.

Suggested Group Size

This is a great fundraiser for any sized group because there’s no minimum order requirement and there’s no cost to get started. However we suggest that a group have 10 or more people to maximize potential and have a realistic chance of qualifying for free shipping.