Hershey Fundraising Candy

Fundraising candy has been the top direct sale fundraising product for years. Unfortunately rising commodity prices forced manufacturers to shrink candy bars to the point where people were disappointed in spending a dollar on the smaller bars.

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Profit and Costs:

Cases Bought % Profit Cost Per Case
50 or more 50% $120.00
25 - 49 41% $142.00
10 - 24 38% $150.00
1 - 9 30% $168.00

Hershey’s Fundraising Candy has been a favorite for groups of all types for years for good reason. It’s probably the best known chocolate bar on the planet. Doesn’t it make sense that it would sell easily as a fundraising product?

Our best seller is our $2 Hershey’s Fundraising Candy. It’s a variety pack that includes 8 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 8 Kit Kat, 8 Reese’s and 6 Twizzlers in each carrier of candy. Remember that’s per carrier. You get 4 carriers per case and you are buying the candy buy the case.

The candy bars in this variety pack are much larger than the old $1 Hershey fundraising candy. The company likes to say the offer bigger bars, the biggest brands and the biggest profits.

The other great thing about this particular Hershey fundraiser is that you can purchase as little as 1 case of candy at a time. In the past minimums for Hershey products was 6 cases or more. Besides the low minimum Shipping is FREE. That leaves more profit for your group.

A lot of groups wonder how much fundraising candy to purchase. Most groups purchase one case for every 1 or 2 people selling depending on how much money you are trying to raise. However we also suggest you buy no more candy than you are certain you can sell. Due to safety concerns we can not accept candy returns and you don’t want a lot of candy left when your sale is done.

The final consideration is profit. Your cost per case is based on the number of cases you purchase. The more you buy the less you pay for each case. So plan carefully when deciding how many cases to purchase. The good news is that there is no easier product to sell!