I’ve recently received several questions via email from several Step By Step Fundraising readers about different aspects of raffles. So I decided to create a Raffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It’s by no means exhaustive so be sure to contact me if you have other questions so we can continue to update it.

Juan recently sent me some comments about his organization’s raffle. For a first time raffle it was certainly a success!

Hi Sandra,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for creating the website and all the time you invest. It is very much appreciated by this new user.

I have found your website very helpful in planning my first raffle for a non-profit youth basketball organization in Leesburg, VA and plan to refer back to it often as my fundraising efforts continue.

Your site is terrific and was a great help with our raffle, which went well. We were able to raise $2000, which was a little lower than what I was expecting, but overall a success. I’ve already noted some things that we can improve upon and I am confident it will be a bigger success next year.


CLBL Fundraising Director

Posted on 27 March 2006

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