Politics and fundraising. They seem like such different worlds but they sure do have a huge impact on each other.

That has never been more evident than the recent conflict between President Obama and the Catholic church over the need to include no cost contraceptives in their health care policies.

Consider this article from the LA Times:

“Reporting from Washington— The Obama administration’s new requirement that most health insurance plans provide contraceptive services has exploded into a high-octane political weapon, with combatants on both sides scrambling to score points among the electorate and gin up fundraising from their most ardent supporters. “

Both political parties have pounced on the dispute and are using the point hard in their fundraising attempts. They both feel strongly about their ideaology and want like minded people to support them based on that ideaology. So when a conflict arises that gets as much air time as this dispute then you see it used as a focal point in fundraising circles.

The LA Times article continues:

“Meanwhile, activists mobilized for battle, using the issue to raise money. Labor and health advocacy groups allied with Democrats plan a blitz this week in key battleground states: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee declared in a fundraising pitch: “Our right-wing opponents continue to launch attack after attack against women’s rights, women’s health, and women’s economic security — and we’ve got to fight back every single day.” The National Republican Senatorial Committee also launched a petition and donation drive.

“The Democrats are using Obamacare to force religious groups to defy their deeply held beliefs,” the group said on its website. “Where has our freedom gone?” The Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group led by longtime conservative leader Ralph Reed, asked supporters in an email, “Have you had enough of Obama’s war on religion?” If so, the email said, sign a petition and make a contribution now.”

As you can see politics and fundraising are in fact inextrictably linked. That’s the way it has been and that is the way it will continue. Get people charged up and they open their purse strings.

Posted on 09 February 2012

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