The 5th Annual Nelson T. Gant Foundation Birthday Celebration was held Saturday, July 14th. It was held at the Zanesville Art Center in Zanesville, OH. The event was both a birthday celebration and a fund-raiser for the Foundation.

Ms. Stephanie Kline discovered there were plans in the works to write a book about Nelson T. Gant. She had been working on an educational article about the successful businessman who had begun his life as a slave. Kline had the opportunity to become involved with the writing of the book and the book was presented at the birthday party to the community. Books were sold for $15 and will be made available to area schools in the coming fall. They are also working on a parent-teacher handbook to be published soon.

The birthday party included singers and dancers and a skit portraying Gant.

The foundation hopes to build a new wing at the Gant house and also to create an education center. Monies raised from this fund-raiser will go towards these goals.

Posted on 16 August 2007

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