Scrip Fundraising began in Petaluma, California in 1988 as a bright idea to raise funds for an ailing private school. Parents and supporters purchased grocery store gift certificates, with a portion going back to the school. The funds added up and $30,000 was raised – and a new fundraising concept was born.

Now a revolutionary program from FundScrip brings the power of scrip to Canada. The program enables groups to raise continual income for a school or non-profit group, by retaining a percentage of supporters’ shopping dollars.

Fund ScripEvery time your supporters purchase groceries, fill up at the gas station, or shop for just about anything, they will actually raise funds for your cause.

Once your school or non-profit group has registered for free with FundScrip, your supporters join for free. They then order gift cards in advance for their everyday spending. These gift cards come pre-packed and sorted for each member – ready to be handed out. Each retailer offers a rebate to your group, on the face value of each gift card.

FundScrip makes raising funds with scrip EASY:

• Online reporting for administrators and supporters.
• All orders are pre-sorted and packed upon delivery, ready for immediate distribution
• Parent/supporter participation is maximized through FundScrip’s unique profit-sharing program.
• All groups are sent monthly cheques.
• Online ordering 24/7.
• ‘Out of office’ support for administrators.
• Accurate order fulfillment and shipping.
• Highest earnings for national retailers, where it counts (grocery).
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to assist.

Like other scrip programs, the idea is to promote the program all year long. It’s continuous revenue once it’s established and usually increases steadily over time. You may start out with just a few families on board, but that’s okay. Once your group sees how easy and profitable the program is, more people will join over time.

Unlike most fundraisers, your supporters are not being asked to spend additional money. They already know where they want to shop, and for what; and when they buy a gift card for $100, they will receive the full $100 value. Gift Cards can be redeemed just like cash, which means that your supporters can still use coupons, buy things on sale, and collect store loyalty points.

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Posted on 23 March 2006

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