Are you ready to increase your fundraising results in 2006?

I’ve spent the past few weeks brainstorming about how to further enhance this website and offer you more of the fundraising success strategies and ideas you need!

Over the past year I’ve gotten valuable feedback from you through surveys and emails and I’m incorporating as much of it as possible into new articles, Step By Step Guides, and even new websites.

New Fundraising Ideas – Articles & Success Stories

This year I’ll continue to offer fundraising tips, strategies and success stories as free articles on this site and in the monthly newsletter. Many of the fundraising ideas and strategies come from my own experience as a fundraiser, from projects that I’ve worked on personally or witnessed.

Some of the best success stories on this site have been submitted by Step By Step readers and I’d like to include even more of your fundraising ideas and success stories (more on that later…)

New Websites Tailored for Specific Groups

Many fundraising ideas and strategies apply across the board and can be used and adapted for any group. As you browse this site you can find success stories from schools, humanitarian groups, health support groups and much more.

One of the aspects that I’ve come to believe in very strongly though is that fundraising projects should be planned that match your group well. Sometimes this just takes a little tweaking and other times fundraising projects can be very specific to certain types of non profits or schools.

Therefore one of my goals for this year is to offer special attention and resources tailored for specific groups. Even now I’m in the development stages of two new websites that will focus on School Fundraising and Church Youth Groups respectively.

Perhaps in the future I will be able to address other groups as well. Stay tuned as more details will follow when these sites go live in February and March!

New Resources: Fundraising Events and Auctions

I’m currently working on several new fundraising guides that will provide true Step by Step information on planning fundraising eventsAuctions are also a topic that I get asked about a lot so they are something that I will continue to research.  Click here to view our current guidebooks

Your Contributions and Feedback Are Needed

Would you like to contribute your own fundraising success stories and ideas? Specifically I am seeking fundraising leaders who are willing to be interviewed either via email or phone and provide detailed information about their fundraising experience. These fundraising ideas would be considered for publication either on the website or in one of the upcoming book/CD’s.

If you’d like to write an article yourself which would contain your author byline I’m happy to consider them as well.

Just contact me and let me know what you’d like to contribute. Your ideas and fundraising experience will help make Step By Step Fundraising an even more valuable resource for fundraisers in 2006!

Posted on 03 January 2006

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