Thanks to everyone who participated in the most recent survey.  There were many great questions submitted regarding golf events and other fundraisers.  You input is truly valuable as it helps us know what information to provide in the future.

Golf Survey

In the meantime…. here’s the list of winners from the random drawing!  We’ll contact you via email about how to redeem your awards.

Special prizes:

  1. $100 charitable donation – Tom Ackerly, Cumberland County Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Alumni, Inc.
  2. A drink carrier from Covert Cooler – Randy Hartley, Mercy Associates West Midwest

One of ten copies of the upcoming “Step by Step Fundraising Guide to Charity Golf Outings”

  1. Karen Ungerman, Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation
  2. Lisa Kuyers, Allendale Christian School
  3. Kathryn Trzeciak, United Way of Portage County
  4. W. Douglas McDougall, SFO, Catholic Assistance Missions, Inc.
  5. Jennifer Dodge, Lake Stevens Basketball Club
  6. Sheryl, Wildlife In Need Center, LLC
  7. Linda Brown, Adventist Community Service Center
  8. Brenda Lopez, PerScholas
  9. Peter Muendo Mutundu, Timely Resources
  10. Hernando Courtright, The Libby Ross Foundation

Posted on 06 August 2008

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