The Trivia Wizard is an easy way to create a customized trivia game for your group of friends, for a pub quiz or fundraiser. I’ve even created a short video to show you how the Trivia Wizard lets you customize the game: Watch the Video

The process of building your customized trivia game is easy, quick, and inexpensive. You simply follow the prompts through the Trivia Wizard selecting the options as you go. You can exit or go back at any time.

Review and Change Questions

The game is played in four rounds with 8-20 questions each, depending on the length of game that you choose. The Trivia Wizard will display a screen with all the questions for the given round. Then you can choose to get a new question, change categories or insert your own question.

Swap QuestionsIs a particular question too easy or too difficult? Not a topic that your group likes? Click Swap Question and the Wizard will automatically give you a new question for that slot.

Change CategoryNot fond of a particular category? Choose Change Category to get a new question from a different category.

Insert Your Own QuestionLike to add a specific topic or question? Choose Insert Your Own Question.

Themed Categories and Games

Would you like to have an entire category devoted to Music? How about specialized categories like Authors, Football, or Movies of the 1980’s? You can choose the categories and questions your group will enjoy the most.

With the custom category options you could even have an entire trivia night devoted to one category to fit with a themed event!

Watch a Video That Shows Exactly How the Game is Customized

Try the Trivia Wizard for free and see how it works:

start trivia wizard

Posted on 22 August 2008

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