Selling cookie dough is probably one of the easiest ways to raise money for a small group. Because what’s being sold is food – and a cookie at that! – a lot of people will surely be enticed to buy this ultimate comfort food. Cookie dough fundraising presents an easy alternative to people who are too busy to make and bake cookies from scratch. The dough is almost ready for consumption – people just need to place the dough inside their ovens to bake them.

Some people even prefer to eat cookie dough as it is because it’s already sweet and tasty.
It’s ideal for individuals and groups who want to raise money to sell cookie dough. But because there are probably other groups who are selling the same thing for their own fundraisers, groups need to be very creative. They can offer a variety of cookie dough flavors which will appeal to the taste of their customers. Flavors people usually look for include chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter. Groups can be creative and experiment with different flavors like triple chocolate cookie dough (using dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate), white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough and sugar-free chocolate cookie dough (using sugar-free chocolate and sugar substitutes).

Groups can also make or buy dough that is either of the frozen or non-frozen variety. The frozen cookie dough keeps for a shorter time unlike the non-frozen variety. The non-frozen or dry cookie dough doesn’t have to be refrigerated groups can easily carry around these items if they’re doing door-to-door fundraising activities.

The most important thing groups should do when selling cookie dough is to make sure people know the purpose and goal of their fundraisers. They should clearly state their groups’ advocacies or goals when they’re selling the dough; groups can even make banners about stating their cause if needed. Items and food being sold in fundraisers sell faster if the target market understands the groups’ causes.

Posted on 02 September 2010

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