There are lot of times Community Fundraising becomes a lifeblood to need people and families. That happens quite often when members of a community rally around a family with extraordinary medical expenses or needs.

You read stories like the following all the time:

“After 11-year-old Logan Baugher listened to his doctor say his leukemia had returned, he turned to his mother and said, “Did they just tell us they were going to send me home to die?” Unsure of exactly what the doctors had just told him, but faced with news that would be overwhelming for an adult, much less a child, Logan held fast. Today, the courageous young man continues to fight.

The treatment includes negative ion therapy and a regiment of vitamins and nutrients that will allow Logan to grow stronger. However, insurance will not pay for the treatment. People across Limestone County are already rallying around the Baugher family. A number of fundraisers have been planned in Logan’s honor and an account set up in his name at Compass Bank. “

So what do people do when community fundraising becomes the only option? The fact is they do just about anything. But here are some suggestions:

1. Lots of people will get local businesses to put our collection bottles and ask for donations.

2. Local restaurants might be willing to donate a percentage of sales of nights set aside as fundraisers the cause.

3. Consider putting together a discount card fundraiser. You sign up local businesses who advertise on a card designed with the community fundraising need in mind. The discounts are good for a year. This is typically one of the highest profit fundraising ideas available.

4. Consider selling a good old fashioned brochure fundraising item. People gladly support cookie dough fundraisers, candle fundraisers and more. The good thing about these fundraisers is that they cost no money to start.

There are lots of ways to rally around community fundraising campaigns. And that’s a comfort to the families who find no where else to turn other then their community in their time of need.


Posted on 18 January 2012

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