You probably already know that cookies for fundraisers are a great idea to help your group do the things it wants to do. But these days, there are so many cookie dough fundraisers out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for the right one for your group.

A lot depends on what you think your supporters are likely to respond to, and of course you want to choose a fundraising idea that appeals to your and your team members, as well.

But, as with most fundraising ideas, choosing the right cookies for fundraisers has a lot to do with your gut feeling – let your intuition steer you in the right direction. Of course, this does not always mean doing the fundraiser you want or that you personally like the most. You make be thrilled about the idea of selling frozen cookie dough fundraisers, but practical restrictions may indicate that this is not the right idea for you and your group.

For groups that have issues about storing or distributing frozen dough, we have dry mix cookies for fundraisers that could work much better for you. It’s being able to assess and make decisions like that, that will determine how much stress you incur with your fundraising effort, and how much stress you have is often a good indicator of how well your team will perform. A relaxed team is a happy team, and happy teams will always perform more successfully.

Cookies for fundraisers don’t even have to be sent through you for the delivery phase of the fundraiser, if you anticipate that part to be too chaotic for you to deal with. There’s now home delivery cookie dough, that your supporters can order online. It’s delivered directly to them, cutting you out of that part of the loop entirely.


Posted on 07 December 2011

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