Online Auctions

Warren Buffett Auctions A Lunch To Benefit the Glide Foundation

Posted on 27 June 2007

Last year, a lunch with the well-known investor Warren Buffett helped to raise $620,000 for charity. Buffett is once more auctioning a lunch to benefit the Glide Foundation. The Glide Foundation is a social services charity that provides assistance to the poor and homeless that live in San Francisco. Bidding for the lunch begins on […]

Fundraising on eBay – An Interview with author Jill Finlayson

Posted on 22 March 2007

What is it the commercials say? You can find “it” on eBay. “It” can be just about anything – from collectables, the latest fashions, comic books and even cars and homes. Many charities are now diving into the world of online auctions at eBay, using them as a tool in their fund-raising toolbox with great […]

Online Auction Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 15 September 2006

As the mechanics of on-line auctions are refined and streamlined, they have become increasingly attractive options for non-profits. Putting an auction on-line can extend its life, remove the uncertainty of a live event and vastly expand the audience of potential buyers. Moreover, there are groups such as cMarket and Missionfish who will offer not only […]

Online Auctions with Missionfish and eBay

Posted on 11 August 2006

After four years of casting their lines into uncharted waters, Missionfish founders Sean Milliken and Clam Lorenz landed a whopper in 2003. Or maybe it landed them.

Either way, the “Giving Works” partnership between Missionfish and eBay has transformed both organizations. […]

cMarket Delivers Online Auction Software & Services for Charities

Posted on 25 July 2006

The Maryland SPCA successfuly raised over $35,000 with its first online auction using cMarket, a company that specializes in helping non profit organizations stage online auctions. Over the past three years, cMarket has staged over 1,500 auctions — all benefiting charitable organizations. […]

An Introduction to Online Auctions for Charity

Posted on 17 July 2006

Online Auctions for Charity can be a good way to raise funds for a non profit organization. There are several ways to set up an online auction. This article is a basic introduction to online auctions for charity. […]