Now Appearing: 9 Tips for a Well-Attended Event

Posted on 11 May 2006

When I made the decision to do free workshops and book signings for my latest book, Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer, I thought it would be easy to draw an audience. I had, after all, done all the right things to prepare for this big event: I had a successful e-zine,, […]

Start Promoting Your Fundraising Event

Posted on 10 April 2006

Is it ever too early to start promoting a fundraising event? Nope… 🙂 Pet Peeves, Inc., an animal rescue support group on Long Island, NY, has a fundraising event set for September 13, 2006, still five months away. But they know that advance planning and promotion will payoff big when the event rolls around. On […]

Press Release How-To Course

Posted on 06 February 2006

Earlier this year when I was interested in learning more about publicity I came across the The Press Release Profits System from Alice Seba. This course includes an audio seminar of over an hour and a half plus […]

Online Press Releases – Free Audio

Posted on 17 January 2006

I listened to a free teleseminar from online marketing experts Mark Hardy & Jeff Johnson today about online press releases. They discussed the value of submitting press releases online including media attention and website traffic. The discussion is […]

Online Publicity for Fundraising Events – Part 2: Your Organization’s Website

Posted on 13 January 2006

How to set up your organizaton’s website to provide opportunities for publicity […]

Online Publicity for Fundraising Events – Part 1: Other Websites

Posted on 12 January 2006

Getting your organization’s event publicized online can help you generate attendance at an event and/or support for your cause…