Fundraising Time Audio – Part 1

Posted on 15 September 2008

This morning I recorded a short audio based on the post that I wrote last week, It’s Fundraising Time Again.  There’s a little over three months til the end of the year… will you make your fundraising goals this year?  Don’t panic… there IS time to raise the funds you need before year end.  In […]

Interview with Mike Robbins: The Power of Appreciation for Non Profits

Posted on 10 June 2008

I knew going straight to the expert on the topic of appreciation would be the best way to finish up this series. But rather than just give us an article, Mike Robbins volunteered to do an interview! In this 42 minute audio Mike shares practical ways to focus our attention on appreciating ourselves and others. […]

Fundraising With Corporate Savvy Audio Seminar

Posted on 06 September 2007

You have to admire a fundraising seminar that is subtitled “Robin Hood Marketing Online”. This seminar Fundraising With Corporate Savvy, is instructed by Ms. Katya Andresen. Andresen is the Vice President of Marketing for Network for Good. This seminar will help nonprofit organizations find supporters and donors on the world wide web. This free recording […]

Creating Donor Evangelists Teleseminar

Posted on 18 April 2007

Yesterday I attended a seminar about marketing for non profit organizations. One of the topics that we discussed at length was “word of mouth” marketing. The best advertisement for your non profit are the people who care passionately about the cause and the organization. By coincidence when I got back to the office I had […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising Letters

Posted on 05 September 2005

In this program I answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to fundraising letters, including: How can the letter get the reader’s attention in the first sentence or paragraph? How do I know who to send the letter to? How can a group get corporate sponsors and what type of benefits should be […]

Relationship Based Fundraising: An Interview with Marc Pitman

Posted on 05 August 2005

I’m pleased to present this audio interview with Marc Pitman. In this one hour interview Marc shared many of his strategies and step by step ways to get more people donating to your cause. Marc is the Director of the Foundation of Inland Hospital and the Pastor of the Vineyard Church of Waterville, Maine. Marc […]