Are you on Facebook?  I’ve enjoyed connecting and re-connecting with friends on Facebook.  (More about that in a future post).  One of the features of Facebook is the “fan page.”  There’s fan pages for just about everything, music TV movies and various types of companies.  On my personal Facebook page I have become of fan of BBC America.  They kept reminding me to become their “facebook fan” on mini commercials so I had to do it!

I set up a fan page for Step by Step Fundraising page on Facebook just last week. So what happens when you become a fan?  First, it automatically shows other visitors to your profile that you’ve become a fan.  Then it bookmarks the page for you on your profile under “info.”  Lastly, the owner of the fan page can send emails to all the fans through the Facebook system. Don’t worry, Facebook does not share your email address.  The page owner can just “send a message to all fans”.  I haven’t had a problem with getting too many emails from the pages I marked as a fan and I definitely won’t bombard my fans with emails.

Now, go to the Step by Step Fundraising page on Facebook and become a fan!  Write a comment on “the wall” if you’d like too.  If you’re not on Facebook already you can sign up there.  We also have a comment board, aka guestbook on this site too that doesn’t requre registatration.  Anyway, I enjoy hearing your feedback in whatever form it arrives in!

Posted on 15 January 2009

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