The Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska 2001

While I had walked 5K’s and done other type of fundraising, Team in Training is what really got me hooked on fundraising events. There are so many great things about TNT, I cannot begin to describe it!

I loved knowing that by raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society I was helping others live stronger, healthier lives. I met a beautiful young boy, my honored patient, who was undergoing treatments for leukemia. The money we, and others before us, raised helped fund research to find new and better ways to treat blood related cancers. This in turn led to a hopeful future for him and many others with these diseases. It was great being a part of that.

North Texas Team in Training Runners & Walkers
Anchorage Alaska, 2001

To be sure this was the biggest physical challenge of my life. There is a lot of walking on the schedule 4 months prior to the race. I will admit to whining and complaining a bit about all the training. What’s to whine about? Oh, getting up at 3 am on a Saturday, walking in the dark, and barely being able to MOVE when I got home. Little things like that.

But guess what? All that hard work and training PAID OFF! I made it across the finish line. I went the distance. The old phrase “no pain, no gain” really meant something

Not only did I cross the finish line, but I was so proud to see my teammates finish too. Especially my friend Valerie, who had an injury just a few weeks prior to the race. And my walking buddy Jennifer, who injured her foot around mile 23. They are my heroes too.

Approaching the finish line

alaska marathon
Here is a picture of Jennifer and I crossing the finish line at the Anchorage Marathon, June 2001. I’m on the left with the tan hat and Jennifer’s on the right with a red hat.

After the race wearing our marathon medals!

By doing the fundraising and the physical marathon training, I learned so much about what it takes to achieve something great.

To reach any goal, it takes planning and completing many smaller steps along the way. A daily recommitment to the ultimate goal, and a determination to take action is essential. It may be difficult along the way, but when you reach that finish line it’s all worth it!

Posted on 22 April 2005

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