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Holiday Shops Can Be A Win-Win For Students And Fundraising Groups

Posted on 18 January 2012

December is that time of year when it seems like everyone is running as fast as they can, but the list of “things to do” never ends. A holiday shop at your school or church may be the answer to shorten that endless list. Here is what I have seen as a result of running […]

School Fundraising Companies

Posted on 17 January 2012

There are lots of school fundraising companies that you can choose from. We would like to review four of them for you. Easy Fundraising Ideas: Easy Fundraising Ideas has been the leading online product fundraising website for the past 10 years. They were one of the first companies to bring fundraising to the internet. Their […]

Flower Power Fundraising

Posted on 16 January 2012

We’ve been asked about Flower Power Fundraising and decided to research the program and discuss our opinion. It is an interesting program that offers a good selection of products that offers 50% profit. They offer online stores or customer direct shipping. At first glance it looks like a very attractive program. “But as we researched […]

Yankee Candle Fundraising

Posted on 16 January 2012

Yankee Candle Fundraising has become a popular option for groups wanting to raise money. But is it the best candle fundraiser for your group? The answer to the question depends on your expecations of fundraising. How much profit do you think is reasonable? How much money will people pay for fundraising candles? Will the name […]

Ideas for Church Fundraisers

Posted on 16 January 2012

There are lots of people looking for ideas for church fundraisers and there are as many ideas as people looking. So how do you choose the best fundraising ideas? We believe there is one basic question that needs to be answered first and then you can choose the right fundraiser. Ask yourself if you or […]

The Best Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Posted on 13 January 2012

The best Cookie Dough Fundraisers are usually held during the fall or spring when most fundraising groups are out selling their products. Customers seem to expect the bombarded with fundraisers so its no surprise that the best cookie dough fundraisers coincide with this peak selling season. But what makes some fundraisers so successful while others […]

Effective Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas

Posted on 12 January 2012

When you want to make a difference by supporting a good cause, you may have considered many different ways that you can raise money. Most people have found that going with a fundraising event is the fastest and easiest way to reaching your goals, and with a few fundraising suggestions from us, you will be […]