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5 Reasons You Should Collaborate with Another Non-profit in 2011- Part II

Posted on 16 December 2010

Last week, I started this article about the benefits of collaborating with another non-profit agency in your community. In that first part, I listed three very good reasons why you should consider such a move with your organization. They were: You’ll have a super-charged opportunity to carry out your mission. Collaboration forces your group to […]

7 Ways to Maximize Your Mini-Fundraiser Earnings

Posted on 12 December 2010

Just this past weekend, I attended a mini-fundraiser for a sports team that three of my children are a part of. There is a family on the team who owns a local 50’s style diner, famous for their frozen custard. They offered to give the team 10% of the food sales for one night, plus […]

5 Reasons You Should Collaborate with Another Non-profit in 2011- Part I

Posted on 09 December 2010

With the new year around the corner, it’s time to think about fresh and creative ways to strengthen your non-profit. One very good suggestion to inject some much-needed energy into your mission could be to seek out a collaboration with another non-profit in your community. Having worked in the non-profit industry myself, I know how […]

A Checklist for Those Worried about the Strength of their Non-Profit

Posted on 07 December 2010

I recently read an article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia) which really got me thinking about the way non-profit organizations present themselves to potential donors. The piece was entitled “Prepare for Coming Fundraising Tsunami”, written by Charles F. Bryan Jr. The central point of this article was summed up in this quote: “If there are […]

Welcome to the Step By Step Fundraising Re-Launch!

Posted on 02 December 2010

Greetings! Welcome to Step By Step Fundraising! My name is Jim Berigan. You may know me from some of the posts I have contributed here over the past couple of years. I have also written extensively for our sister site, TopSchoolFundraisers. I am very happy to announce that as of December 1, 2010, I am […]